DHL Express Client Highlight

Since 1977, global logistics company, DHL, has successfully operated in Bahrain. Read on to learn more about the story of  DHL Express in Bahrain and why the Kingdom is considered an ideal business location for the company.

When it comes to logistics, DHL is the global leader. DHL was founded in 1969 in California where the original founders Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillbolm, and Robert Lynn combined their initials to create a small logistics company. They started out delivering door-to-door before expanding a route from Hawaii to California. By 1971, DHL expanded all across the country and into the Pacific region and the Far East, adding DHL Express tracking for packages. DHL global mail tracking and shipping delivers 1.6 billion packages per year. B DHL Express has operated in Bahrain since 1977 with a current fleet size of seven. From the Bahrain International Airport, DHL serves the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe. In 2021, DHL tracking operates in 220 countries with 400,000 employees.

DHL Express in Bahrain

DHL chose Bahrain as its hub in the Middle East for many reasons. One of the major reasons is the unparalleled market access. Bahrain is located in the GCC region and is connected to neighbouring countries by the King Fahd Causeway. From its Bahrain hub, DHL has access to 36 million consumers and easy access to land, sea, and air routes. Another reason why DHL chose Bahrain is because of the business-friendly environment. The Kingdom works closely with businesses operating within the country to enhance the environment and nurture commercial conditions. DHL also chose Bahrain for its highly skilled workforce. A logistics company can’t operate without a trained workforce, and Bahrain provides employees that bring DHL to the entire region. 

Bahrain has provided the ideal business environment for DHL over the past 40 years. Thanks to Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreements, including the Bahrain-US FTA, DHL has access to over 220 markets worldwide. Bahrain has also provided DHL a way to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. Another benefit DHL has seen from Bahrain is maintaining 100% foreign ownership rights and 0% corporate tax. Bahrain’s world-class infrastructure has played a key role in helping this logistics company keep products flowing around the globe. Bahrain also provides an excellent quality of life, something DHL employees benefit from daily. After all, Bahrain ranks 1st globally for work/life balance and 1st in MENA for personal happiness.

Setting Up Business in Bahrain

DHL is only one of many success stories in Bahrain and is one of a number of European companies flourishing here. Bahrain provides its companies with the ideal strategic location, access to hundreds of markets, a skilled workforce, and a booming business environment. Outside of work, Bahrain provides a positive culture and quality of life, which makes Bahrain the full package for businesses. Companies don’t have to get started in Bahrain alone though. Reach out to learn more about setting up a business in Bahrain, including logistics opportunities, and to learn how we can help your company in Bahrain.

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