I am and I am looking to open a company specialising in as in Bahrain.
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You are allowed up to 49% ownership for the activity you selected

Based on your selection, please see below for the legal structure most relevant to your needs, and its required documents.

Other legal structures are also available. Please contact us for further information.

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    Investor Journey in Setting Up a Business in Bahrain

    The EDB team has simplified the process of setting up businesses in Bahrain into 3 easy steps so your business can get started as soon as possible.

    Once you’ve completed these steps, you’ll be ready to do business in Bahrain and take advantage of Bahrain’s benefits. You’ll benefit from the ideal location, business-friendly environment, and 0% corporate tax. If you’re ready to get started with a business expansion in Bahrain, we can help you.

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      Getting started

      • There are a few things required to start a company in Bahrain. First, prepare the required documents, which you can determine using our “Getting Your Business Set Up” tool above. Having your documents ready will be necessary to get approvals to move forward with the process.
      • Second, please contact us to assist you in initiating the application process. Our team can help you get everything prepared to set up your business in Bahrain.
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      Obtaining initial approvals

      There are many things to prepare before beginning your business in Bahrain including finding the right name for your company, choosing owners, shareholders, and directors, and choosing a business structure. Discover more about these steps below.

      • At this step in the process, regulators will approve:
        • The name of your company. Picking a name can be difficult because it needs to be unique and interesting. There are many resources available to help you choose a name. You will need to decide on both an English and Arabic version of your name for approval.
        • The owners, shareholders and directors. These people will be the foundation of your business, so you should find the ones that share similar goals for your business. 
        • The business structure. The structure you choose will affect registration requirements, insurance, and terms and conditions. These structures include Company with Limited Liability (WLL) or Foreign Branch.
      • Once the above has been approved, you will receive a Commercial Registration Certificate.
      • With this initial approval, you can move forward with the first steps of setting up, like:
        • Opening a bank account. You’ll need somewhere to begin financial transactions, so you’ll want to set up a bank account early. 
        • Leasing office space. Bahrain offers ideal office locations for your business. These might include the Diplomatic Area, which is great for financial services companies, or Seef Area, which is ideal for those in the tourism & leisure industry.
        • Hiring Bahraini employees. The Bahraini workforce is highly skilled and educated. Bahraini employees provide the skill necessary to move your business forward.
      • Keep in mind that you cannot begin business activities and transactions, or hire foreign employees until you complete Step 3.
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      Receiving final license and regulatory approvals

      • During this step, and depending on the activities you have chosen, you will:
        • Receive municipal approvals
        • Receive approvals from regulators and licensing authorities
        • Pay for licensing fees and permits
        • Notarise and endorse the company’s newly formed Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association*
        • Deposit the company’s paid-up capital to your preference*
      • Upon completion, you will receive your activity licenses, which will be reflected on the Commercial Registration Certificate.

      *Physical attendance of the authorised signature is required.

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