Bahrain EDB has gathered the best online business resources, articles, and data to help you as you research setting up your business in Bahrain. From the economic outlook to quality of life, the information provided on the following links and business information websites can help you plan how to run your operations and take advantage of the many international business resources and services Bahrain has to offer.

Key indicators

The surveys and indices listed below paint a clear picture of Bahrain’s future on the local, regional, and international stage in light of the Kingdom’s successes.

Bahrain Economic Quarterly

Take a look into the economic forecast and performance indicators of Bahrain. Framed within the context of global political and economic shifts, this report helps identify Bahrain’s key strengths and services supported by relevant data.

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To download additional resources, articles, and marketing materials on Bahrain’s economic performance and investment opportunities, browse our full digital library.

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