The next step in Bahrain’s journey

Representing the next step in Bahrain’s journey toward the attainment of the Economic Bahrain Vision 2030, the document reviews the progress made in the last decade and outlines seven priorities for the Kingdom to focus on for the future.

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Together, we can master the challenges so that we can share the fruits of today’s reforms with our children and the generations to come.

An overview of the Strategy’s priorities

These broad, thematic objectives–in line with Vision 2030–are what stakeholders will align with, and will steer the direction of the nation over the medium term. This strategy also identifies actionable initiatives that will contribute to the realisation of each of these strategic priorities.

Maintain a safe and pleasant environment

Deepening a sense of community while providing attractive leisure and recreational opportunities and a dynamic social environment.

Achieve sustainable quality growth

Placing the private sector at the forefront of driving development through policies that foster entrepreneurship, growth and innovation.

Ensure excellence in infrastructure

Ensuring proper planning and coordination in order to deliver high quality infrastructure, utilities and public transportation.

Enhance Government performance and effciency

Modernising government services by continuously improving its strategic planning, internal operations and use of technology.

Enhance the quality and accessibility of social services

Enabling conditions for everyone to have equal opportunities to participate in the country’s economic and social development.

Ensure sustainable development of strategic resources

Seeking smarter solutions to reduce the impact of resource constraints where possible.

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