Of all the places to visit, tourists choose the Kingdom for our superb island setting; our cosmopolitan, relaxed way of life; our rich history and culture; exciting major events; delicious food and varied shopping choices. All of these ingredients combine to create a thriving tourism and hospitality sector, which offers investors world-class infrastructure and a broad range of retail, leisure, food and hotel investment opportunities in Bahrain.

Opportunities in a unique destination

It’s all about priorities. When it comes to tourism and hospitality, we concentrate on the 300 million people who can readily reach us – from across the GCC and within two hours’ flying time. As a result, we house up to a million visitors each month and the majority of these tourists are increasingly spending more while they are here. 

Tourism in Bahrain is back on the rise after the decrease the global tourism industry saw in 2020. Experts predict tourism in the GCC will be back to pre-COVID levels before the end of 2021, even predicting that tourism will contribute USD 133.6 Billion to the Middle East’s GDP by the end of 2028. The opportunity to take advantage of Bahrain’s growing tourism industry has never been better.

9.9 million

visitors in 2022 with a growth rate of 175% compared to 2021 (BTEA, IGA)

USD 3.9 billion

Total inbound expenditure in 2022 (BTEA, IGA)


of inbound tourism flows during 2022 is from GCC (BTEA, IGA)

Did you know about these top tourist attractions?

Bahrain has 3 designated UNESCO heritage sites offering visitors a unique experience: Dilmun Burial Mounds, Pearl Route, and Qal’at Al-Bahrain.

A clear strategy

To ensure the best possible results for investors, we take a focussed approach to Bahrain tourism. Central to this is the development and growth of three primary consumer sectors within tourism and hospitality. Food service, retail and leisure all offer opportunities for profitable investments in the Kingdom as the tourism industry continues to expand. Additionally, as part of our National Economic Strategy, we ensure digital technology is at the centre of the industry to enhance and transform each sector.

What we focus on

Events and Festivals

Bahrain and the surrounding region have a young population with an appetite for unique experiences. Events such as Formula1 Racing and Ramadan bring tourists to the country in droves. With a handful of annual events already set in place, this sector is set to grow abundantly in the future.

Beach and Maritime

Beaches in Bahrain are unlike any others. Feel the sand between your toes with both private and public beaches across the island. From spa resorts and recreational sports, like water skiing and wakeboarding, to wildlife exploration, Bahrain’s beaches offer it all. As an island country, it is the perfect place for businesses that specialise in beach and maritime services to grow.


Our vibrant culinary scene is at the heart of tourism in Bahrain. This dynamic industry includes local flavours, regional favourites and global brands that serve growing domestic and international consumers. There are development projects across the Kingdom with openings for a diverse mix of proven concepts.

Flagship FB & Retail

The country’s retail sector continues to evolve. There’s a wide variety of concepts located in special environments, including traditional souks, modern retail and entertainment destinations and lifestyle malls.

Leisure and Entertainment

The rich culture and history of Bahrain mixed with modern amenities create a world of possibilities for the leisure and entertainment industry. Recreational activities such as boat rentals, museum tours, theatre performances and festivals are just a few of the many successful entertainment services on offer. The combined resident and visitor consumer base provide a strong audience for leisure entertainment companies to expand here.

Ancillary Services

Bahrain lays the foundation for ancillary services in the GCC. Companies looking to enter this industry can benefit greatly from all the Kingdom has to offer, including customer service solutions and secure electronic payment options.

Why people visit

Ongoing investment

Ours. Yours. Bahrain

A strong brand helps consumers understand what we stand for. Our national tourism identity ‘Ours. Yours. Bahrain’, championed by the Bahrain Tourism & Exhibitions Authority (BTEA), communicates the authenticity that visitors to the Kingdom experience through our tourism and hospitality sector.


We’re investing more than $10 billion directly in tourism infrastructure projects, such as new hotels and museums, to provide a strong support for exploration and tourism in Bahrain. Bahrain is creating the foundation to support public and private investments’ customers, services and facilities.

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