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Real estate in Bahrain is booming in communities across the Kingdom with developments springing up, attracting an increasing array of overseas property investments in large-scale commercial and residential projects. In addition, there is significant interest from across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), with many buyers coming from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. As a result, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) can find significant opportunities in developing communities in Bahrain.


GDP contribution by real estate and business activities, Q3 2021


Housing units due to be delivered (Government Action Plan)


Bahrain real estate transactions rose by 36% y-o-y, reaching BHD 226 mn in Q2 2021 compared to BHD 166 mn in Q1 2020, as reported by SLRB.

100% foreign ownership

Our commercial freedom gives you exceptional control over business decisions when making an international real estate investment. Bahrain is the only country in the Gulf where developers can benefit from 100% foreign ownership, making it one of the best places to invest in real estate in the region for investors from outside the GCC. Foreign ownership gives developers the room to grow and investors the room for success. What’s more, we impose no limitations on repatriation capital, profits and dividends for developers, making your decision to invest in our real estate sector all the more profitable.

7% gross rental yield

Bahrain’s rental market provides stable, steady income. Gross rental yield is among the highest in the GCC and a major reason for interest in our freehold market (REMI Global 2017), along with zero taxation on rent and property.

Proptech is the latest major opportunity to emerge in Bahrain from the wider digital transformation of the property sector. 2019 saw the arrival of Bahrain’s first Proptech company, Estater. Following in the footsteps of Zoopla and Rightmove, the Estater platform allows users to seamlessly navigate the Kingdom’s real estate environment.

RERA – setting the standard for real estate development

We are always looking for ways to increase confidence in international real estate investments for investors from a foreign country. RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) aims to ensure that Bahrain’s real estate market operates to high standards by delivering fair, effective regulation and prices. It works with the government and the industry to oversee the development of a long-term National Real Estate Policy to boost the sector, improve consumer protection and streamline real estate services.

Key real estate development programmes

The EDB supports and participates in the following programmes to enrich the real estate sector and increase real estate development opportunities for investors and property developers.

Developer roundtables

Promoting Bahrain’s real estate development as well as local and overseas property investment opportunities by building unique, sustainable, and diverse tourism offerings.

Investor forum

An annual forum for key GCC HNWIs, large family businesses, and institutional investors in order to highlight real estate investing and sales opportunities.

Legislative improvements

Continuous enhancement of the real estate sector’s regulatory framework by The Bahrain Legislation and Legal Opinion Commission.

Asset & project mapping

A national tourism asset and project mapping system is available via EDB Bahrain as a reference for local and foreign real estate investors.

Major upcoming Bahrain real estate developments and activity destinations

The tourism sector is a growing opportunity for international real estate investment in Bahrain. The Kingdom offers a wide variety of major tourism-related developments, with outstanding prospects for those looking to invest in construction. Here are just nine of the biggest.

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