A regional opportunity

Education in Bahrain is in high demand and requires further investments and resources to support its growth. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) student numbers are expected to reach 15 million by 2020, creating demand at all stages of the education system. In Bahrain, education investors and providers have access to high-quality opportunities, both domestically and regionally, and can also benefit from savings when it comes to taxes. There are no income taxes in Bahrain, and the education sector is exempt from value added tax (VAT).

  • 6% average annual growth

    of student numbers in private schools in Bahrain

  • 62.5% growth of GCC visitors

    to Bahrain for Education and Training purposes (2018 – 2019)

  • 1st in MENA

    in school life expectancy

  • 12th Globally

    in Number of tertiary students from abroad as per the Global Innovation Index 2021 released by WIPO

Driven by growth

Why invest in education in Bahrain? The number of citizens under 20-years-old is expected to increase annually by 1.7% (around 30,000) over the next five years, creating progress in private education. In addition, a high number of expats and an increase in the expenses parents are willing to spend on schooling makes international education in Bahrain ever more popular. These factors create an ideal environment for investing in education.

Nurseries and kindergartens

Bahrain has 133 private kindergartens. Student numbers have increased 52% in five years.

Higher education

Over one year, in 2019, enrollment in Bahrain’s higher education institutes increased by 2.8%

K12 – Fastest-growing sub-sector

Student numbers have increased by 47% since 2013, an average of 7.2% per year

Research and Development

Bahrain’s mature industries such as ICT and financial services are the springboard for product development.

Executive training

There are opportunities, in partnership with foreign institutions, to align local skills with employment needs.

Youth Growth

Youth are 50% of GCC’s population with forecast to grow up to 65 million people by 2030

Closing the skills gap, opening up the future

Skilled instructors are needed for educational investments to thrive. Bahrain knows all about matching graduate skills to economic needs. By applying the following plans, we are creating opportunities for the full spectrum of education providers:

  • Higher education/college

    Bahrain’s first National Strategy is driving specialised education through improved teaching, accreditations and internships.

  • Continuous learning

    Organisations such as Tamkeen drive demand with dedicated resources and programmes that have enabled nearly 10,000 people to upskill.

  • Specialised training

    Bahrain is applying its strengths in ICT and financial services to develop high skill levels in these areas.

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