The GCC’s most established financial centre

Acknowledged as the GCC’s financial capital, Bahrain has built a financial services sector comprising around 400 local, regional and global institutions.

A regional financial services hub in Bahrain will put you at the centre of a growing concentration of wealth. The regional market is valued at USD 1.5 trillion and Bahrain finance companies are at the heart of the GCC as well as the wider MENA region. Whether you are an international or Bahrain finance company, financial services company, banking company, or exchange company, the Kingdom’s progressive regulatory environment ensures the region’s longest established financial centre remains its most innovative.

The financial industry is the largest non-oil contributor to Bahrain’s real GDP

  • 17.3%

    Sector contribution to GDP (2020)

  • $207.4bn

    Banking sector assets (2020)

  • $24.62bn

    Market capitalisation (December 2020)

  • 50 – 55%


Operating in Bahrain costs approx. 50 – 55% less capital than it does in Dubai and Abu Dhabi
(Source: KPMG Report 2018)

Job creation

The financial services industry employs more than 13,737 Bahraini citizens.

(Source: Central Bank of Bahrain, 2020)

Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB)

  • Regulatory leadership

    Setting the framework for the financial services sector in the Kingdom.

  • Single regulator

    Bahrain’s single source of governance for the entire financial system since 2002.

Who’s Here:

From banking services to FinTech innovators, companies in Bahrain are moving the industry forward. Here are just a few of those whose investment in Bahrain’s finance industry has been instrumental to their success.

Bahrain EDB makes it quick and straightforward to set up and operate in Bahrain for financial services, FinTech, and other financing and exchange institutions. The EDB guides each new or existing entity through the process with crucial information and resources about future business opportunities in Bahrain to help financial services companies thrive and grow.

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Discover how Al Baraka leveraged its position in Bahrain to be selected as a ‘Top Global Growth Company’ by the World Economic Forum, for exceeding industry standards in revenue growth, promoting innovative business practices and leadership in corporate citizenship.

Additional resources

A compilation of Bahrain finance industry resources is available to download. Discover opportunities in Bahrain whatever your specialism with the financial services industry.

Financial services

Discover what financial institutions establishing a regional presence out of the Kingdom can gain.

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Financial Support Services

Find out how our ecosystem can support you with the resources needed to establish your service operations.

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FinHub 973

FinHub 973, launched by the Central Bank of Bahrain (CBB), is the region’s first cross-border, digital innovation platform that connects and facilitates collaboration between financial institutions and fintechs under the supervision of the central bank.

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CBB regulatory sandbox

A framework to facilitate FinTech innovations and encourage financial inclusion.

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Investment Limited Partnership Law

Bahrain’s Investment Limited Partnership Law introduces new forms of structures and finding mechanisms for companies to benefit from.

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Protected Cells Companies Law

Strengthens investors’ rights by separating private assets from the protected cell company and legally regards each cell individually.

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Trusts Law

The Trust Law is designed to facilitate estate planning, charitable activities, and financial activities.

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Bahrain for Islamic finance

An introduction to MENA’s most influential Islamic finance centre.

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Start-up Bahrain

Your guide to entering the start-up ecosystem in Bahrain.

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