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Business outsourcing services can benefit from the Kingdom’s unrivalled access to both local and global markets. Situated at the heart of the GCC, Bahrain offers various advantages including great access into Saudi Arabia’s large market, a cost competitive location, government incentives and the availability of skilled human capital. Local Bahrainis’ dialect, cultural knowledge and understanding of geographical locations makes Bahrain an ideal hub for shared services companies looking to service the GCC region. Outsourcing services in Bahrain can save companies time and resources in the business process.

General costs

Bahrain has a range of Telecom and internet providers namely; Batelco, Viva, Zain Bahrain, Menatelecom and Kalam Telecom. In a study on comparing the cost of doing business in Bahrain and its neighboring countries, Bahrain was significantly more cost effective in a range of different parameters highlighted below.

Source: Cost of doing business – Financial Services, KPMG Report 2020

Human capital

Bahrain offers a pool of highly qualified business and sales graduates who could be ideal potential employees for shared services providers or outsourcing services companies. Bahrainis’ easily understood dialect along with their geographic knowledge of the region adds great value as well.

Moreover, Tamkeen, a semi-government organization bolstering the private sector, offers salary & training subsidiaries to companies registered in Bahrain as well as grant schemes to cover other costs.

  • 90%

    of the ICT workforce in Bahrain is fluent in both Arabic and English.

  • Up to 30.5%

    lower general cost of manpower in Bahrain than other GCC countries.

Source: Cost of Doing Business – Manufacturing, KPMG report 2021

Government policies and incentives

Bahrain is one of the only countries in the GCC that has a liberalised telecom market with no restrictions on VoIP services. Businesses in this sector are also allowed 100% foreign ownership. These policies help bolster outsourced functions and shared services business.

“Neither the US, India or the Philippines can pick up the GCC Arabic dialect, which we support, so there is a natural gap for service solutions,”
Ricardo Langwieder-Gorner, CEO of Silah Gulf.

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