Investing in talented human capital

Human capital is one of the resources that play a key role in how well any business performs. An investment in human capital is an investment in the qualities of the people who comprise your workforce, which includes their intelligence, knowledge, education, training, talents, skills and experience. Quality human capital means better job performance from your employees and a better bottom line for your company.

Bahrain’s population offers a highly skilled local and global workforce with the best human capital development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). Bahrain’s demographics provide an ideal mix of qualities for businesses looking to hire top talent and sustain long-term growth.

Qualities of Bahrain’s human capital

Tech Savvy

Bahrain ranks 1st in MENA for ICT Skills and 4th globally for internet users (by percentage of population).

(2019 Network Readiness Index 2019 by WITSA)


Bahrain’s population is made up of young, talented, and driven individuals. Over 70% of employees in the ICT sector are locals, and 60% of the ICT workforce in Bahrain is in the 18-24 age bracket.

(National statistics)


Bahrain ranks 1st in MENA for test scores and years of schooling.

(World Bank Human Capital Index 2018)


90% of our ICT workforce is fluent in English and Arabic, the two most commonly spoken languages in Bahrain. Bahrain’s population ranks 1st in MENA and 3rd worldwide in language skills.

(National statistics, Expat Insider Survey, Internations 2019)

Access MENA’s top talent in Bahrain

MENA’s top youth development

Bahrain’s population of youth is preparing to join the talented workforce as they participate in the top youth development program in MENA.

(The Commonwealth Youth Development Index 2016)

MENA’s top human capital hub

Based on the level of knowledge, skills, and health, people can expect to accumulate in a country, Bahrain’s demographics outperform the rest of the region.

(World Bank Human Capital Index 2018)

Very high human development

Based on a standard of living, health, and knowledge expectancy, Bahrain is recognised as a highly developed economy.

(UNDP Human Development Report 2018)

Tamkeen’s substantial investments in human capital

We understand that an ongoing investment in human capital benefits the economic outlook for everyone. Backed by Tamkeen’s continued support of human resource development in all sectors, Bahrain’s population is able to consistently remain one of the best in the region in terms of its workforce.


Invested in the private sector to support economic growth

Over 12,000 Bahrainis

Trained from 2015 to 2017

Over 38,000 participants

In career progression and training initiatives

The bottom line

When you invest in Bahrain, you gain access to a robust and reliable labor market that already offers the best human capital in the region, coupled with an ongoing commitment to education and training.

Bahrain has made, and continues to make, significant investments in developing its human capital, as well as other resources, to constantly enrich both its local and global workforce and to strengthen the economic foothold of businesses who choose to operate here.

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