Welcome to Bahrain EDB: Invest in the heart of the Gulf

The Kingdom of Bahrain may be geographically compact, but our growing economy offers exciting investment opportunities within a supportive business environment designed to help your company flourish.

The economy of Bahrain is the most diversified in the region, with particular strengths in financial services, technology sectors and related industries. Careful management of business policies and laws gives even small businesses the opportunity to thrive.

There are many reasons to do business in Bahrain, including our central Gulf location with unrivalled entry to neighbouring countries by road, air, and sea, low cost of operations, a Bahraini population that makes up a talented workforce, and stable economy.

Bahrain EDB — the Bahrain Economic Development Board — is here to provide the information and assistance you need to give your company a strong foothold in the Bahrain economy.

100% foreign ownership

in most of our thriving sectors.

Ease of doing business

with minimum hurdles for creating and operating establishments.

Gateway to GCC’s $1.5tn market

The perfect hub for operations in the GCC, broader Middle East and North Africa.

Why Bahrain?

The economy of Bahrain is thriving and primed for your business to reap the rewards. Bahrainis join the workforce with an exceptional array of skills and extremely high levels of motivation, making them ideal employees. Our forward-thinking government works closely with businesses to enhance the business-friendly environment through policy reform. All this paired with our strategic location at the heart of the Gulf makes Bahrain the optimal location to grow a business.

Learn More about Bahrain’s advantages

Bahrain EDB is the first point of contact for investors looking to establish their businesses in the Kingdom. We’re here to help you get off the ground.

See how we can help

The purpose of the Economic Development Board is to guide each new or expanding company,small or large, through every step of the investment journey. Our EDB team is ready to help each entrepreneur or company pursue local, regional or global business opportunities in Bahrain. Bahrain EDB can help you benefit from our business infrastructure, find a location for your business, discover talent, navigate any legal requirements and more.

The latest news from EDB Bahrain

Who’s already here

Setting up in Bahrain means joining a long list of world-class businesses that have chosen our country as their regional base of operations. These exceptional businesses include:

Kyriako Zarkadas

Founder, Visit Bahrain

“We’ve gained a lot of beneficial support particularly from a strategic perspective.”

Kunjan M. Choksi

General Manager, JBF Bahrain

“Bahrain has a deserved reputation as an easy place to do business, operating costs are competitive and crucially there is excellent access to GCC markets and beyond.”

Andrew Sims

Director and CEO, NEC Payments

“Within 3 months I had moved to Bahrain with my family. This move turned out to be a great move for us all.”

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