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Participants in manufacturing businesses across the world often face financial and logistical hurdles, but manufacturers operating in Bahrain can avoid most of those challenges. Bahrain offers lower operating costs, a strategic location, a highly skilled workforce and world-class infrastructure, making it the ideal regional base for product manufacturing companies.

Cost competitive

Your manufacturing investment goes further in Bahrain thanks to our business-friendly environment.

  • 0% tax

    No corporate income tax or personal income tax.

  • 33% lower costs

    Cost of setting up and operating businesses is up to 33% lower than in other GCC countries.

  • Government grants

    Investment grants are offered by Bahrain’s labour fund (Tamkeen).

  • Low-cost leases

    Bahrain offers low industrial land lease rates with no additional fees or service charges.

  • Lower cost of living

    People who relocate to Bahrain can look forward to a lower overall cost of living than in most other countries in the GCC.

  • Subsidized interest rates

    Subsidized interest rates on financing facilities offered by Bahrain’s labour fund (Tamkeen).

Strategic location

As an established regional hub, Bahrain offers the fastest access to Saudi Arabia, with 75% of the Gulf’s largest market within a few hours drive and the rest of the GCC within an hour’s flight or less. Proximity to key locations, like Saudi Arabia, creates links necessary to thrive in the manufacturing industry.

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Favorable business environment

Production companies small and large can run and expand their business operations without the challenges common to the manufacturing business sector in other countries.

100% foreign ownership

Bahrain is the only country in the region that offers 100% foreign ownership in industrial manufacturing and distribution, without free-zone restrictions.

Customs duty exemptions

Industrial manufacturing, raw materials imports, plant machinery equipment, and spare parts are exempt from customs duty.

Wide duty-free access

Bahrain offers duty-free access to the key economies of the GCC, USA, Singapore, all 14 Arab countries, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein.

FTA’s in Bahrain

Skilled & affordable local workforce

Run your manufacturing business using a local talent pool trained to excel in industry jobs of all kinds. The Bahraini workforce is the most educated in the GCC with a 95% literacy rate.


Availability of skilled,
well-educated, and bilingual local workforce in Bahrain at all levels.

Government support

Access to government financial and training support for local employment.

Full flexibility

Authorized use of 100%
non-Bahraini workforce if necessary, unlike elsewhere in the region.

World class infrastructure

Manufacturing business opportunities can be pursued with great success in Bahrain as equipment, materials, goods and products move faster than anywhere else in the GCC.


The shortest transit time between seaport, airport
and industrial zones
in the Gulf.


Khalifa Bin Salman Port is the most efficient port in the region, with a sub-3 hour turnaround.


Khalifa Bin Salman Port offers the fastest customs
clearance of any country
in the GCC.


High-standard industrial zones designed to meet the needs of tomorrow’s businesses.

Discover Bahrain’s strengths, sector by sector

Is Bahrain the right home for your manufacturing business? There are a wide range of opportunities on offer within our key industry sectors, including:


Industrial services




Plastics and chemicals


Industrial manufacturing opportunities contribute significantly to Bahrain’s GDP, with significant growth recorded in downstream and skilled industries.

Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP)

Bahrain offers companies a number of world-class industrial zones, such as the Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP). The BIIP is a world-class, cost-effective industrial park for value-added manufacturing and international services projects offering:

  • 100% foreign ownership rights with no freezone restrictions
  • 10-year guaranteed 0% tax rate
  • Full exemption from local employment for the first 5 years of operation
  • Competitive land rental prices and utility costs
  • Comprehensive after-care support
  • Duty-free access to the GCC, GAFTA, USA, Singapore and EFTA States

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Who’s Here:

These companies are among the participants within Bahrain’s manufacturing sector:

Learn why a move by one of the world’s biggest food companies has demonstrated firm confidence in Bahrain as a location for manufacturing and an export hub to key markets.

Additional resources

Whether you are a small manufacturer just starting out or an international manufacturing business looking to establish a regional hub, Bahrain offers the infrastructure, resources, and expertise to support your operations. Enhance your understanding of the future of industrial manufacturing in Bahrain with these manufacturing sector resources.

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