A high quality of life

Bahrain is not just business friendly—friendliness is perhaps our defining national characteristic. Bahrainis are warm and welcoming and the atmosphere is relaxed, cosmopolitan and outward-looking. We’ve been ranked as the 7th best destination globally for expats to work, live, and raise a family in 2019 InterNations Expat Survey, and first in MENA for personal happiness.

Love the life here

Globally, Bahrain ranked 5th in the 2021 InterNations Expat Survey as the easiest place to settle in, and ranked 8th in HSBC’s 2021 Expat Explorer Survey.

A welcoming and tolerant society

Bahrain’s 4,000+ year old history as a commercial crossroads has created a legacy of diversity and acceptance. Bahrain boasts a multi-faith society that sees Buddhist temples, Christian churches, Jewish synagogues and Muslim mosques sitting side-by-side for years. Based on the 2019 InterNations Expat Survey, more than double the global average of expats think it’s not at all difficult to settle down in Bahrain and well over double the global average say it is very easy to make local friends here.

Our rich cultural heritage

Bahrain’s history and culture stretch back millennia, so we have accumulated a powerful legacy of archeological and historic treasures, which include three UNESCO World Heritage Sites: the Bahrain Fort, the Pearling Trail and the Dilmun Burial Mounds. Visitors can also enjoy modern Arab culture with a wealth of art, dining and lifestyle experiences such as the Spring of Culture and the Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix.

Competitive costs of living

The 2021 InterNations Expat Survey shows Bahrain is 1st in MENA for cost of living & personal finance.

Easy and liberal visa policies

Employees and visitors can enter Bahrain easily, thanks to our supportive visa policies: Bahrain offers a one-month visa upon arrival to nationals of 67 countries, with the ability to renew for an additional three months. Bahrain has also extended its eVisa eligibility to 114 countries.

Source: KPMG Cost of Doing Business 2020

Quotes from InterNations and HSBC Expat Surveys 2019

“Bahrain amongst the GCC, is the best place for an expat to live. A home away from home.”

“Enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the Bahraini people!”

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