Bell Helmets Highlight

Since 2015, Bell Helmets has operated in Bahrain. Bahrain has provided the company with the ideal business location. Read on to learn more about Bell Helmets in Bahrain.

When it comes to high-speed motorsports, Bell Helmets is a common name. Since its beginnings in Bell, California in 1923, Bell Helmets has been a leader in the motorsports industry. The company is the world’s top manufacturer of helmets used by Formula 1 and motorsport drivers across the globe. Founded by Roy Ritcher, the business was originally started around the unmet needs in the racing community. In 1954, the company made its first race car helmets. From there, Bell Helmets is now leading the racing helmet industry. In 2021, Bell Helmets supplied helmets for 11 of the 20 Formula 1 drivers. In addition to motorsports helmets, Bell motorcycle helmets and Bell bike helmets are distributed across the globe. In order to grow the business further, Bell Helmets decided to open operations in Bahrain in 2015.

Bell Helmets in Bahrain

Bell Helmets chose to operate in Bahrain for many reasons. The top factor in Bell Helmets decision to set up in Bahrain was the business friendly environment. The Kingdom works closely with businesses operating within the country to enhance the environment and nurture commercial conditions. The strategic location of Bahrain within the GCC and Middle East as a whole also led to Bell Helmets decision to make Bahrain its home for manufacturing and R&D. Bahrain is also home to the Bahrain Grand Prix, a Formula 1 Championship race. Team Bahrain both in the race and in the business support has provided Bell Helmets with the ideal business location. 

Bahrain has provided the ideal business environment and location for Bell Helmets. Bell Helmets was able to invest $13M to create a global research and development and manufacturing headquarters. From there, thanks to Bahrain’s Free Trade Agreements, Bell Helmets is able to export to almost every country in the world. Bahrain’s FTAs opened the doors to new markets, like Switzerland and Singapore, for the company. Bahrain also allows companies to maintain 100% foreign ownership rights, something Bell Helmets benefits from. Outside of the economic benefits, Bell Helmets benefits from the culture and quality of life here in Bahrain. After all, Bahrain ranks 1st globally for work/life balance and 1st in MENA for personal happiness. The culture here has provided Bell Helmets with a happy work environment. 

Bell Helmets choosing Bahrain has benefitted Bahrain as well. The company created over 200 new jobs in Bahrain. In addition, Bahrain is able to export 99.5% of the company’s product. The presence of Bell Helmets has also helped Bahrain become an even bigger name in the motorsports scene.

Setting Up Business in Bahrain

Bell Helmets isn’t the only one of Bahrain’s success stories. Bahrain provides companies with a flourishing business environment, a strategic location, 100% foreign ownership rights, access to markets via Free Trade Agreements, and a positive culture and quality of life. Bahrain offers the complete package for businesses looking to set up here. Companies don’t have to start out in Bahrain alone. Reach out to learn more about setting up a business in Bahrain and to learn how we can help your company in Bahrain.

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