Reboot01 Contributes to Cementing Bahrain’s Position as a Regional Hub for Innovation and Tech

In partnership with the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) and supported by the Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB), the recently launched coding school in Bahrain, Reboot Coding Institute (Reboot01) is set to enroll around 100 Bahrainis for their first selection pool for its inaugural two-year programme. With the aim of preparing a new generation of highly-skilled professionals, the programme seeks to contribute to the development of the technology sector and bridge the tech knowledge gap across multiple industry sectors, which will help in growing the pool of tech talent in the Kingdom.

With around twenty campuses across the world, Reboot01’s program has been designed to enable people to transform their careers and enter the world of technology, regardless of their educational and professional backgrounds. Powered by 01 Edu, a French educational platform, the institute’s innovative-based approach is part of the approved 01 Edu global network of coding schools.

Graduates of the two-year program will emerge as full stack developers, and benefit from instant access to a myriad of industries, the tech industry in particular, by supplying the value-added credentials to join leading companies on a more senior level. The program additionally equips students with practical knowledge and key life skills through a collaborative, project-based applied learning approach, which empowers every graduate to adopt a solution-based mindset setting them up for a successful career in the future.  

Commenting on the programme, Mr. Yanal Jallad, Managing Director of Reboot01 Coding Institute, said: “Reboot01 is a brand-new concept and the first coding school of its kind in Bahrain. It utilises a disruptive model driven by a balanced mix of peer-to-peer learning, gamification, and a collective intelligence methodology to produce highly adept developers equipped with the requisite skill set and creativity to thrive in their tech careers.”

“We’re currently set to enroll around 100 Bahrainis, and the visiting 01 team from France are impressed with the level we have here.  The second selection pool will commence in early May after Eid to enroll 100 more Bahrainis and form the first cohort of 200 students,” he added.

Mr. Ali Hasan, Executive Director of Programs and Partnership Development at the Labour Fund (Tamkeen) said: “We are committed to empowering Bahrainis to become the first choice of employment for the private sector by providing the support required for them to fill high-value jobs across multiple sectors, including the ICT sector. Reboot 01 offers a unique upskilling opportunity which provides world-class training that will enhance the competitiveness of the Bahraini workforce both locally and internationally.”

Mr. Munther Al-Mudawi, Executive Director – Business Development at Bahrain EDB, said: “We are living in an era of rapid innovation and ever-changing technology, which translates into the reality of traditional skills fast becoming obsolete. As such, digital upskilling and reskilling of the workforce is imperative for our economy to be able to effectively compete on a global scale, all while achieving sustainable growth in the long-term.”

“A global technology institute in the likes of Reboot01 is an impactful addition to the current value proposition of key sectors, contributing to cementing Bahrain’s position as regional hub for innovation and niche tech skills, in the likes of coding.  With a two-fold benefit of upskilling Bahrainis in the Kingdom with a highly coveted skill set of being full stack developers, the added knowledge will in parallel elevate the level of the entities operating within the Kingdom, future-proofing industries at large,” he added.

As part of the National Economic Recovery Plan launched in October 2021, Bahrain’s Telecommunications, ICT, and Digital Economy Sector Strategy (from the years 2022 until 2026) seeks to establish a world-class Bahraini digital infrastructure, as well as attract big-tech companies to the Kingdom, positioning Bahrain as a regional digital innovation hub, all while increasing national employment in the sector from 30% to 35% by the end of 2023.

For more information on the programme, or for Bahraini individuals interested in applying, visit the Reboot01 website:

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