An optimal combination of factors for logistics

Bahrain offers a wide range of business logistics opportunities for international companies looking to establish a cost-effective distribution and fulfillment base in the region. Unrivalled access to GCC markets and high-quality customer service from Bahrain EDB maximises the impact of your investment.

  • 30-50% savings

    With the lowest setup and operating costs for logistics companies in the GCC, companies save 30-50% compared to neighbouring regions.

  • Lower

    Enjoy lower costs for utilities, accommodation, construction, manpower, and other operating expenses.

  • Competitive leases

    Competitive and attractive land lease rates at the Bahrain Logistics Zone, with no additional fees or service charges.

  • Economical ports

    Lower port charges compared to all other ports in the Gulf.

  • Favourable rates

    Subsidized interest rates on financing facilities offered by our labor fund Tamkeen.

  • Lower cost of living

    People who relocate to Bahrain can look forward to a lower overall cost of living than in most other countries in the GCC.

Strategic location

Strategically situated in the heart of the Gulf, Bahrain offers your transportation and logistics company unparalleled access to a growing regional customer base throughout the Middle East.

As the closest gateway to Saudi Arabia, we offer the fastest routes to market with 75% of Saudi Arabia’s economy reachable within just a few hours.

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Favourable business environment

Your logistics company can enjoy success from the very start thanks to our business-friendly policies along with management and aftercare support from Bahrain EDB

  • 100% ownership

    Across warehousing, packaging, regional distribution and goods re-export.

  • No

    0% corporate income tax and 0% personal income tax.

  • Workforce flexibility

    Investors have the option to hire the appropriate local or international workforce that suits their company and business needs.

Full support and guidance

The Bahrain Economic Development Board provides investors with full support and guidance through the decision-making process, as well as facilitation and aftercare services.

Skilled & affordable local workforce

Whether you’re operating a small transport company or a global logistics business, Bahrain has talented employees ready to staff any role, from fulfillment to management.

Apprenticeship programs

Tamkeen offers international internship and apprenticeship programs for employees.

Government support

Access to government financial and training support for local employment.

Full flexibility

Authorized use of 100% non-Bahraini workforce unlike elsewhere in the region.


Availability of skilled, well-educated, and bilingual local workforce in Bahrain at all levels.

Advanced logistics infrastructure

Bahrain has everything you need to start and establish your transportation and logistics company with all relevant services in one place – Salman Industrial City. Bahrain continues to invest in its transport and logistics infrastructure as part of a USD 32-billion programme of investment across a number of sectors.

Bahrain offers the shortest transit time between seaport, airport and industrial zones within the GCC, allowing for superior freight turnaround times and procedures.

Who’s Here:

Many global logistics and transportation companies have already established a presence in Bahrain to support their supply chainoperations, including:

Learn why Bahrain International Airport has been DHL’s regional hub for MENA and Eastern Europe for 40 years, with more than 1,200 employees based in Bahrain.

Unrivalled business facilitation, favourable tax benefits, and an established infrastructure network: BIIP is the leading industrial park in the region for both local and international businesses.

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