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Economic Vision 2030

The Economic Vision 2030, which was launched in October 2008 by His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al  Khalifa, is a comprehensive economic vision for Bahrain, providing a clear direction for the continued development of the Kingdom’s economy and, at its heart, is a shared goal of building a better life for every Bahraini.

The launch of the Vision followed four years of extensive discussions with a range of opinion leaders in the public and private sectors, including governmental institutions and specialised organisations, as well as international consultancies and bodies.

The Economic Vision 2030 focuses on shaping the vision of the government, society and the economy, based around three guiding principles; sustainability, fairness and competitiveness.

Following the launch, the EDB initiated an on-going programme of economic and institutional reform, as part of the Economic Vision 2030. The EDB led and coordinated with ministries to compile the first National Economic Strategy, which served as a roadmap to achieving the Vision.


 Bahrain Vision 2030


Together, we can master the challenges so that we can share the fruits of today’s reforms with our children and the generations to come.

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Bahrain's econmoy is 12th freest in the world

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