EDB Internship Programme is an opportunity for students to gain practical work experience and exposure to the type of career they may be seeking. At the EDB, interns will have the opportunity to understand how the EDB operates and how it influences the economy of Bahrain through the attraction of foreign direct investments.

Interns can experience a diverse work culture. They will be working with professionals on real life projects, which will provide them with valuable skills and behaviors to use in their future careers. The internship also provides an insight to working in a prestigious professional semi-autonomous government entity.

The EDB Internship Programme takes place twice a year – Winter in January for 4 weeks, and Summer July/August for around 4-8 weeks.

This programme will focus on delivering on-the-job learning experience and development in order to provide interns with invaluable insights, as well as build their professional networks, in a high-performance culture.

To be part of the selection process for the internship programme, candidates must complete the online application form below.

For further details relating to the EDB Internship Programme, please refer to the FAQ section below the application form.

Application Dates:

Summer Internship Applications are open in May

Winter Internship Applications are open in December

Internship Programme FAQ



The main aim of the internship programme is to invest in Bahraini youth and to provide them with exposure and experience in working in a professional environment. While this programme is not committed to offering permanent jobs, it is created for interns to have a high-caliber professional experience and personal growth.

The opportunity to gain work experience in a professional environment, while interns are still studying at university, will provide a variety of benefits. It will allow the interns to explore possible career paths, work experience, broaden and build their professional networks – all of which will strengthen their CV.

As part of the EDB Internship Programme, interns will:

  • Acquire skills that are required to operate in the workplace
  • Apply their knowledge/ skills in real life work situations
  • Learn about the efforts invested towards attracting FDI into Bahrain and the impact made by the EDB towards the Bahraini economy
  • Gain networking experience and build relationships with colleagues and external stakeholders
  • Meet professionals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This will help them see things from different perspectives, broaden their mindsets and develop greater cultural intelligence.
  • Be exposed to different business processes and systems
  • Gain experience working within a unique and dynamic organization, offering interns a competitive edge

Please note that the Internship Programme may take place either in-person or virtually, dependent on departmental needs.

Application Process

  • This programme is open to all Bahraini students enrolled in universities across the globe
  • Applicant must be 18 years of age or older on the date of application
  • Applicant must have a strong academic record (American system: GPA equivalent to 3.0 and above, British system: GPA equivalent to 2.2 and above)
  • Graduates are not eligible to apply for this programme

To apply for the EDB Internship Programme, candidates are expected to complete an online application form and upload their:

  • Resume
  • CPR copy
  • University transcript (up to date)
  • Submit an application video* answering the three following questions:
    • 1) Why do you want to join the EDB?
    • 2) What are your career goals?
    • 3) What are you hoping to gain from this experience?

The application form will ask for personal information of the applicant as per the below:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Email Address
  • Mobile number
  • University name
  • Major
  • School name
  • GPA
  • Choice of Summer or winter internship

* Click here for video upload instructions.

The deadline will be a month before the internship programme start date. This will allow adequate time for Human Capital department (HC) to finalise the selection process.

Selection Process

Only the candidates whom are selected for an interview will be contacted by Human Capital department (HC). All remaining candidate applications will remain in the recruitment database and a “Thank you” note will be displayed after submitting the online application.

Interviews will be set up verbally by a phone call, followed by a written email to confirm the date, time and location.

TM will shortlist candidates based on the above-mentioned criteria including videos submitted. once done, Shortlisted candidates videos will be sent to Department heads along with their CV’s for them to shortlist candidates for the final interview. If candidates are in Bahrain, they will be invited for a face-to-face or phone interview.

The maximum number of interns taken in one batch is up to eight interns.

For the unsuccessful candidates, a regret email will be sent informing them of the status of their application and that their CVs will be kept in our database for future opportunities prior to the internship starting date.

The successful candidates will be given an internship offer and asked to sign an internship contract.


Milestone Date
Applications Window  1 – 31 May
Interviewing and selection process  1 – 14 June
Inform successful and unsuccessful candidates  3rd Week of June
Internship programme begins  1 July
Internship programme ends 31 August

Milestone Date
Applications Window  1 December – 20 December
Interviewing and selection process 21 December – 31 December
Inform successful and unsuccessful candidates  2nd Week of January
Internship programme begins 15 January
Internship programme ends 15 February

Internship Testimonials

Bader Al Sarraf
“My internship at the EDB has been an extremely rewarding experience. Being under the guidance of experienced professionals was invaluable for me considering all the significant knowledge and experience I gained. It has allowed me to extend my personal and professional development to higher levels in which I have evolved many different skill sets and personal attributes.”
Maryam AlDhaen
“The EDB has a welcoming environment where I found myself surrounded with mentors who were supporting me in all aspects. I had the chance to learn an immense amount of information that will help me personally and professionally. I’m thankful for this experience!”
Naba Abdulla
“My experience at the EDB was very rewarding and eye-opening. I have learned a lot from my co-workers and the tasks I was given which helped me grow personally and professionally. It was a very friendly and welcoming environment.”
Fatema Slais
“The EDB has given me the social and communication skills to achieve my future career goals with confidence. The internship experience surpassed my expectations, and the friendly work environment has helped me develop both personally and professionally.”
Shahad Janahi
“My experience at the EDB as an intern completely exceeded all the expectations I had. The EDB, made up of a welcoming environment and friendly people, is truly the perfect place to be. Prior to this internship, I was actively seeking an opportunity to develop my professional knowledge, gain new skills, and strengthen my personality – and this experience did exactly that for me.”
Yasmeen Dheya
“EDB offers a unique work experience because of its people. As an intern, I felt very much welcomed and was encouraged to be creative. That has rewarded me with confidence to better understand Bahrain’s economy and equipped me to enter the workforce.”
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