Welcoming the world to Bahrain

October 01, 2016

Visit Bahrain is a Destination Management Company (DMC) that has, in a very short period of time, become the Kingdom’s go-to guide to exploring our beautiful islands.
Since launching this year, they have already expanded their source markets to include Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom and India.
Read our interview with Mr. Kyriako Zarkadas, Founder of Visit Bahrain, to find out why he chose Bahrain and the opportunities the Kingdom offers:
Bahrain Economic Development Board (EDB): Tell us more about Visit Bahrain and why you’ve chosen Bahrain as a DMC Destination.
Kyriako Zarkadas: When I first moved to Bahrain, I found more than a new home. I found a place unlike any other in the world, with world-class tourism potential—host to marvels and adventures waiting to be explored. I had to be a part of it. Visit Bahrain represents my passion for introducing Bahrain to the world. I have leveraged my experience leading other successful tourism ventures to create a company dedicated to facilitating a world-class tourism experience. The attractions and excitement already live here; my job—the job of Visit Bahrain—is to open Bahrain’s doors to the world.
EDB: What does Bahrain have to offer DMCs and tour operators?
Zarkadas: It has a 5000-year civilisation in history, which nobody knows about. It has the friendliest people of the Middle East, which nobody knows about. And much, much more. So that’s why I’m here, to showcase Bahrain to the world.
Bahrain also has such vast opportunities, it’s a virgin ground, especially for tourism and travel. We see Bahrain as a hub, we see Bahrain as an island in the Middle East that hasn’t been developed to its fullest tourism-wise, and the opportunities are endless.
EDB: How has your experience been like setting up in Bahrain?
Zarkadas: There was solid support from the Government and individuals who were willing to assist in setting up. The support that I got from the EDB was unheard of. If EDB wasn’t in place, I wouldn’t be here. They played a critical role in setting up, and in keeping the business going.
EDB: What would be Bahrain’s main appeal to tourists?
Zarkadas: I see the number one attraction of Bahrain as its people, who bring the traditions of authentic Arabia to life in the friendliest and most welcoming way.  Nowhere else in the Gulf are the taxi drivers and other local service providers, who are mainly Bahraini, so happy to show you their country and its rich heritage.
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