Saaya Health: Covid sputs growth as several Global Brands sign deals

21st May, 2020

Saaya Health Tech, a Bahraini based Digital EAP company providing Mental Health Access to employees using its PaaS model has seen a boom in its usage post-Covid19.

In the months since February alone, they have signed deals with the billion-dollar Bayer Pharma of Germany and also the Chemical behemoth Engro Corp of Pakistan. There are reports of another deal with a UK Multi-national in the pipeline.

In addition to their Insurance partnerships across the region, Saaya Health now has access to more than 700,000 clients to avail their Digital Mental Health services.

Emotional & Mental Health has become one of the lead focus, with the WHO citing that “the next pandemic will be Emotional & Mental Health as a result of the shocks of Covid-19” Founded in Bahrain in May 2018, Saaya Health’s Digital EAP services are beginning to take flight.

“For two years, we laid the foundations, building our global network of Multi-Lingual Therapists. Therapists who speak Local languages –  Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu and over a dozen more languages – and now we are beginning to reap the rewards of being prepared” said Saaya Health Founder Sarmad Ahmad, continuing,

“We all have emotions – and our emotions dictate our actions – but we are just now beginning to realise this on a very personal level”

Corporates that invest in Employee Mental health have greater retention & productivity. A Deloitte 2018 report states that for every $1 invested in Mental Health services, $4 are saved by companies.

Saaya Health is poised for regional growth and is looking to aim a Direct-to-Consumer channel as well – aimed at affordable, culturally relevant mental health.

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