Record investment at International Investment Park

July 29, 2013

Industry and Commerce Minister Dr. Hassan Fakhro announced record investment results at the Bahrain International Investment Park for the past half year. Sixteen new investment projects were approved bringing up to 96 companies now planning to build new facilities at the park.
These projects have an associated commitment to invest BD500m and to employ in excess of 10,000 people at full production. Dr. Fakhro confirmed that the operational position at BIIP at the end of June this year include 50 at operational status valued at BD186m worth of investment and potential employment of 4,540 workers, 14 projects currently under construction worth BD206m and potentially employing 2,280, seven projects with leases already signed valued at BD10m with an estimated 460 jobs to be created and 25 projects at prelease status worth BD98m, potentially employing 4,016 workers.
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