PIONEERING INNOVATION & STUDENT CENTRICITY: AUBH launches Alexa Skills to connect with students through voice technology

The American University of Bahrain (AUBH) just added voice technology to its campus with the launch of two Alexa skills. The new skills are aimed at providing students, educators, and parents with the ability to use their voice to deepen the learning experience and enrich university life whilst providing critical academic and campus information.

The AUBH Campus Alexa Skill offers students, faculty, and visitors a convenient way to navigate the campus and learn about what the University has to offer by asking questions to Amazon Echo devices inside campus buildings.  Through the AUBH student Alexa Skill, students are able to connect to campus information and events. The Skill also integrates with the University’s system for students to access coursework, grades, and other school communication via the Alexa app on their smartphones.

Mr. William D. Hurt, AUBH’s Chief Operating Officer, said, ”We are thrilled to launch these AUBH Alexa Skills. We are committed to our promise to offer an innovative, high-tech experience to our students and faculty, and we are confident that these Alexa Skills will provide them with a unique, customized, and unmatched campus experience.”

The launch of the new Alexa Skills is in line with the AUBH’s innovative and “borderless” approach to shaping globally-minded and tech-savvy thought leaders, and represents yet another milestone for Bahrain’s leading American University in driving innovation both locally and regionally. 

Bahrain has been a regional pioneer in innovation by ranking first in MENA for ICT readiness by the UN – in addition to implementing MENA’s first data jurisdiction law, allowing data stored in Bahrain to fall under its home country’s legal jurisdiction. The Kingdom is also home to an advanced digital infrastructure and is one of the first in the region to roll out 5G, enabling new technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, fintech and more.

The implementation of Alexa Skills at AUBH follows the launch of the region’s first AWS data centers in Bahrain in 2019, which played an integral role in delivering Bahrain’s cloud-first policy and rapid adoption of cloud technologies by both, the public and private sectors, especially during COVID-19.

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Note to editors:

AUBH is the first comprehensive, purpose-built, American-style co-educational university in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and is supported through the Elm Fund. The University offers a holistic journey for students and unique approach to education that fosters interaction and collaboration between students, faculty and the professional community. 

The contemporary, 75,000 square meter campus is located in Riffa, Bahrain. The innovative and high-tech campus enhances the teaching and learning experience for both faculty and students. Along with classrooms, library and labs, the campus includes a Sports Center with indoor and outdoor courts and fields, vast Student Commons, and an Auditorium for special events. 

AUBH curricula is built by experts and specialists to equip students with the knowledge and soft skills to succeed in a rapidly ever-changing environment. The AUBH quality of American-style education mirrors that of the best universities in the United States. The University’s unique academic structure enables students to find their real passions and allows them to develop their abilities, leading to long successful careers in their chosen industry.

AUBH is proud to be licensed by the Higher Education Council of the Ministry of Education of Bahrain.  The University is seeking institutional accreditation with one of the six U.S. regional accreditors recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), holding the highest level of quality assurance at the institutional level. 

For more information, please contact Julia Atherton-Dandy
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