New brand identity for Bahraini goods

21 Jan, 2020

By Sandeep Singh Grewal in Gulf Daily News


A NATIONAL brand identity aimed at promoting Bahraini companies in the regional and international markets has been launched.

The ‘Made in Bahrain’ logo features the national flag and can be used on commercial registrations (CRs) or to label Bahraini products.

The initiative was launched by Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed Alzayani at the Wyndham Grand Manama, Bahrain Bay yesterday.

“The ‘Made in Bahrain’ initiative is one of the most important initiatives to promote local products,” he said, at the ceremony.

“This is aimed at developing domestic exports and ensuring that Bahraini products and services are promoted and recognised in international markets.

“This will upgrade the quality of Bahraini exports and position us as a global industrial player, with the manufacturing sector currently representing about 14.5 per cent of the gross domestic product (GDP).”

The minister added that the project will also increase dependency on local industries, and help achieve self-sufficiency and food security.

The mark will be granted to local factories licensed by the ministry which manufacture products containing 35 per cent or more of domestic content.

However, the ministry reserves the right to change the ratio at any time in the future.

The ‘Made in Bahrain’ logo

Traders can print and label the logo to packing or wrapping of the registered products, and in all marketing advertisement including local and international exhibitions.

However, they cannot use the logo as part of their company or entity’s brand, and modify it in any manner.

The ministry is working with Tamkeen, Export Bahrain and the UN Industrial Development Organisation (Unido) on the project along with award-winning local factories.

“We can now identify products made in Bahrain that will have their own identity and a wider reach in global markets,” said ministry Under-Secretary of Industry Affairs Osama Alarrayedh.

“We will work with the national factories which do not meet the criteria, in co-operation with Unido, to improve their ability to attain eligibility.”


Mr Alarrayedh said products such as food items, metals, petrochemicals and other locally manufactured items can register with the ministry and use the official ‘Made in Bahrain’ logo.

Export Bahrain chief executive Dr Nasser Qaedi said local companies will now have more confidence to position their exports.

“The ‘Made in Bahrain’ mark will add value and help buyers abroad distinguish our products,” he told the GDN.

He added that local industries could be provided financing, insurance, shipping or logistics, and even an e-commerce platform to promote their products as part of the ambitious plan.

Meanwhile, LuLu Group director Juzer Rupawala said the hypermarket chain fully backed the initiative and was also keen to showcase such products in their stores.

Similar views were echoed by Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry food wealth committee chairman Khalid Al Amin, who is also Midway Supermarket chief executive.

The Finance and National Economy Ministry’s Bahrain Economic Quarterly report for Q3 2019 stated that overall non-oil exports reached just over BD786.3 million, a 6.2 per cent increase over the same period in 2018.

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