Economic Development Board And BIBF To Host Capital Markets Evening Seminar

April 06, 2015

Manama, Economic Development Board, 6th April 2015: On 8th April 2015 the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the BIBF will host an evening seminar titled, “Capital markets… the way forward” at the Bahrain Bourse.

The seminar will assess the importance of the capital markets to economic development, with the speakers drawing on their international and regional experience to identify opportunities to shape the development of capital markets in Bahrain and the wider Middle East region.
Speakers on the panel include: HE Sh. Khalifa bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, CEO of the Bahrain Bourse; Dr. Jarmo Kotilaine, Chief Economist at EDB, Hani Redha, Head of Dealing Room, Treasury and Capital Markets at BIBF; and Jonathan Kemp, Chief Actuary at TAKAUD.
Speaking ahead of the seminar, Dr Jarmo Kotilaine said:
“This event reviews the tremendous potential and growing importance of capital markets in the GCC region. The coming years are likely to see significant market growth and diversification along with better mechanisms for pooling and mobilizing capital. This is needed in part because regulatory reform are limiting the ability of banks to cater to the growing financing needs of the GCC economies. But capital markets also have an important role to play in terms of providing long-term funding and driving the development of the regional corporate sphere through better governance and increased transparency.
“It is clear that there is a significant role for capital markets to play in financing future economic growth and I look forward to hearing the insights of the panelists at Wednesday’s event.”
Mr. Hani Redha, of the BIBF said:
“There is a need to emphasise the critical role that capital markets play in the efficient allocation of resources in modern economies, especially in light of the ongoing development initiatives of the region. We are at a stage where the development of these capital markets and their liquidity will be dependent on the successful dissemination of this message.”
The seminar will be held 6pm-8pm, 8th April 2015, at the BHB Auditorium at the Bahrain Bourse. To RSVP please contact: / 17 589 962
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