BAPCO achieves 3 million employee hours without LTI

July 29, 2013

Bapco and contractor employees have achieved a new record in safety by completing three million-hours without a Lost Time Injury (LTI) by working safely for almost 144 days. The achievement reflects the on-going efforts and dedication of Bapco and contractors’ employees to working safely. Commenting on this occasion, Bapco Refining and Marketing Deputy Chief Executive and Chairman of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Committee Ebrahim Talib said, “As we congratulate ourselves on our continuing excellent level of safety performance, we must also reinforce our vigilance and efforts in the prevention of injuries.“ “Record safety achievements of this kind do not happen by accident, but are rather due to vigilance, awareness, adherence to health and safety requirements, continuous improvements and commitment from everyone in the company. Our record is a testament to how strongly we take our safety culture. It needs to become a way of life that we want to adopt, rather than have to“.

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