100% foreign ownership

of businesses in most of
Bahrain’s thriving sectors.

Ease of doing business

with minimum hurdles for creating and operating establishments.

Gateway to GCC’s $1.5tn market

The perfect hub for operations in the GCC, broader Middle East and North Africa.

Why choose Bahrain?

Talented human capital

Access MENA’s top talent: Bahraini’s join the workforce with both an exceptional array of skills and extremely high levels of motivation.

Strategic location

Connect to the $1.5 trillion GCC market: Bahrain is the natural gateway to the Gulf, with particularly favourable access to Saudi Arabia, the region’s single largest market and economy.

Forward thinking government

With a track record of pioneering under its belt, Bahrain continues to move forward with policies and reforms that empower businesses and industries to establish themselves and grow.

Exceptional lifestyle

Bahrain ranks 1st Globally as one of the best places to live, regarded highly for its job opportunities and career satisfaction, and its friendly culture and ease of settling in.

Conducive business environment

Bahrain’s government works closely with businesses and regulators to explore opportunities to enhance Bahrain’s business environment and nurture optimum commercial conditions. This collaboration has seen Bahrain take solid steps towards introducing initiatives that create an enabling and innovative ecosystem, which allows businesses to thrive.

Prime opportunities

The EDB focuses on several economic sectors that encourage businesses to capitalise on Bahrain’s competitive advantages. These represent just a selection of opportunities available to investors and entrepreneurs looking to enter the market in Bahrain, and we encourage you to contact us for a personalised discussion.

Financial services

Financial services

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Tourism & leisure

Tourism & leisure

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EDB Bahrain is the first point of contact for investors looking to establish their businesses in the Kingdom. We’re here to help you get off the ground.

See how we can help

Who’s already here

Setting up in Bahrain means joining a long list of world-class businesses that have chosen this country as their regional base of operations.

The services and support you need

Our team at EDB Bahrain can support you at every stage of your process.

Registration and licensing guidance

Whether you’re setting up a new business, opening a branch or expanding your global presence, Bahrain EDB helps facilitate the process.

Legal and regulatory support

We can help advice on costs, infrastructure, workforce requirements, regulatory, legal and tax issues.

Specific market opportunity advisory

A thorough assessment of the landscape goes a long way towards helping you succeed and establish lasting roots.

Detailed resources and metrics

Get to know Bahrain through our detailed reports on industries and opportunities

Help in establishing connections

We can help you meet the right groups and individuals based on your sector or requirements.

Finding a home for your business

Whether it’s Bahrain Industrial Investment Park or a co-working space, we’ve got you covered.

Look no further than those who have already
flourished here in Bahrain.

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