Leadership to bring the best to Bahrain

Responsible for integrating and managing the EDB’s responsibilities, our leadership helps manage relationships with our clients, deliver best practices in operations, services and client focus, and is committed to delivering better outcomes for the EDB and for investors in Bahrain.

H.E. Khalid Humaidan

Chief Executive

Simon Galpin

Sr. Advisor Investment Promotion

Yousif Khalaf

Chief Legal Advisor

David Parker

Co Chief Investment Officer – Financial Services, ICT, Startups & International Offices

Tala Fakhro

Chief Project Officer – Strategic Research, Market Studies & Project Implementation

Maha Mofeez

Chief Corporate Officer – Corporate Services, Talent Management & Corporate Legal

Mazen Al-Hilli

Director – Investor Relations & Government Affairs

Buthaina Amin

Director – International Offices

Dalal Buheji

Director – Business Development – Financial Services

Ali Al-Mudaifa

Director – Business Development – Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

Ali Murtaza

Director – Business Development – Real Estate & Tourism

Geoffrey Hancock

Director – Education Reform

Jamal Al Alawi

Senior Legal Advisor

Nada Azmi

Director – Corporate Strategy and Planning & Competitiveness Advocacy

Rima AlKilani

Director – Projects

Gerard Chen

Director – Marketing, Digital Marketing & Sponsorships & Events

Mahmood Ali

Director – Communications

Eman Al Sharif

Director – Talent Management

Linda Janahi

Director – Corporate Services

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