and Leisure

Bahrain EDB focused on 4 key areas within the Tourism & Leisure sector in 2017

Food Service

Food service is expanding throughout Bahrain where traditional local restaurants are complemented by an excellent range of internationally renowned culinary experiences. Bahrain’s food service investors are expanding their portfolio by focusing on unique concepts across a variety of price points and levels of service. An increase in visitors from Saudi Arabia and a strong consumer base in Bahrain have led to strong revenues among restaurateurs in 2017.

Leisure Attractions
and Activities

In 2017, Bahrain EDB presented a leisure park study to the development community, which strived to identify new leisure concepts with the highest probability of success in Bahrain. Tourists are already offered a rich mix of archaeology, UNESCO World Heritage sites, cultural shows and local markets. The Bahrain EDB’s ambition is to shine a spotlight on the next high-profile attractions such as waterpark hotels, dinner theatres, theme parks, family entertainment centres and more. The Bahrain EDB supported the development of several small-scale leisure and entertainment brands during the year, and will continue to help nurture attractions in collaboration with local stakeholders.


The retail sector impacts several segments of Bahrain’s economy, including real estate and tourism. Within the sector, an estimated US$ 750 million worth of new retail centres are in development to provide contemporary retail and entertainment destinations. The Bahrain EDB focuses on collaborating with developers, operators and retail concept owners to attract unique brands from across the retail spectrum to offer a diversified retail experience for residents and visitors alike.

Real Estate

The real estate sector plays a vital role in the continued development of Bahrain’s economy, with the combined sectors of real estate and construction representing approximately 9% of the country’s GDP. This figure could soon rise, as continued investment will see the addition of assets in housing, commercial, hospitality, healthcare, and industrial projects. The Bahrain EDB will continue to focus on attracting investment into several strategic projects across all real estate categories.