Transport and Logistics

In Focus: The Factories of the Future

Bahrain leads the way in the GCC in welcoming advanced technologies and digitisation across every sector of its economy. Its Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics businesses continually adopt the latest technology applications in assembly production lines, communication systems linking to their respective customer bases, and end-to-end factory to customer deliveries.

In line with these, Bahrain has embraced the onset of Industry 4.0, usually described as the fourth wave of the industrial revolution. A key feature of Industry 4.0 is the introduction of the Internet of Things (IoT), where any device or machine can communicate with other machines without human intervention. Bahrain has recognised the importance of such a trend, and is taking necessary steps to enable IoT in multiple sectors, through increased ICT investment, and by fostering a positive startup culture. The impact of Industry 4.0 will see increased efficiencies, cost-effectiveness, and further attraction of foreign investment. It will also create job opportunities and the upgrading of workforce skills through training on the new technology and software.

Bahrain is aiming to become a regional hub for Industry 4.0 solutions. Thus the government, with the support of Bahrain EDB and Tamkeen, is working with QiO, a global leader whose expertise focuses on accelerating the adoption of Industry 4.0, to implement a selection of pilot projects in Bahrain. The purpose is to generate near-term benefits and showcase the opportunities to help accelerate investment. BFG International, a locally based, global leader in composites technology, is poised to introduce an industrial automation programme through QiO’s first pilot project, which will operate through state-of–the-art core software supplied by QiO Technologies.