In Focus: Cloud-Based Competitive Advantage

Cloud technology is key in the current and future transformation of regional economies. With its ability to store, retrieve and share data, cloud technology is promising to offer companies the potential to gain competitive advantage, permitting them to compete more effectively globally and at a lower cost.

Bahrain’s leadership in the digitisation of the country’s economy has made it a natural choice for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to base its Middle East infrastructure. AWS is the world leader in providing technology in support of digital transformation, including the most advanced cloud computing technology and data centre capacity. This digital infrastructure will speed economic diversification in the Kingdom, with additional career opportunities, and improved efficiencies at government services levels.

In addition, the availability of specialized AWS cloud training programs are offered to enhance the workforce skill set. These courses are offered by various institutions such as Bahrain Institute for Banking and Finance (BIBF) and Think Smart. Moreover, Tamkeen, the labour fund of the country, has quickly adopted these training qualifications to further develop and support the local talent.