Bahrain EDB focused on 3 key areas within the ICT sector in 2017


Bahrain has fully embraced cloud computing and the move to a digitised society. Cloud computing technology is a means of providing on-demand network access to shared computing resources, such as servers, applications, services, and storage. These are made available with minimum management intervention and greatly reduced IT costs to users. Moreover, it attracts new application developers and international vendors driving the next wave of global business through the cloud. Cloud computing has also revolutionised the way businesses store, access, and analyse their critical data. Bahrain has created a safe and reliable environment for data centres to thrive in, enabling storage, software, infrastructure and platform as a service.

Business Services

Bahrain’s IT services and telecommunications systems are highly advanced and have attracted many local and international ICT service providers, including product and technology developers, channel partners and distributors.

Moreover, the region as a whole has developed a highly competitive telecommunications industry. The quality level of service in the mobile and broadband space allows OTT, e-commerce and media companies to succeed, providing unrivalled entertainment and business opportunities for residents across the Kingdom.

Digital Content
and e-Commerce

Bahrain’s technology-driven culture provides great potential for growth in the untapped digital content and e-commerce industry, with access to a talented, young and bilingual workforce. Bahrain has a unique advantage to capitalise on the MENA region’s fast growing digital media market, and in particular, the gaming industry, as the Kingdom has the highest gaming penetration rates in the GCC.

Bahrain EDB is working on developing a gaming community in the country. There are many opportunities in the gaming industry, which include game development and localising international games – both of which could incentivise companies to move their technical support functions to Bahrain, bringing further investment into the economy. Meanwhile, the potential to build Bahrain as a leading destination for regional e-sports tournaments is also high, creating a captive audience for gaming companies to tap into. Outside of gaming, Bahrain offers full operations and fulfilment solutions to e-commerce companies looking to expand either into or within the region.