Business Friendly Bahrain

The gateway to the Middle East’s $3.7 trillion market

Bahrain skyline during the night time

Why invest in Bahrain?

  1. Bahrain’s advanced digital infrastructure – including the Middle East’s first AWS data centre – is backed by a series of dedicated regulations to empower the uptake of technology
  2. Bahrain features the region’s best-value operating cost, offering zero corporate taxes
  3. Bahrain and South Korea are both increasing nationwide efforts to be competitive digital economies

Strategic location

Positioned to do business West and East – located next to the region’s fastest growing market, Saudi Arabia.

Tech-friendly regulation

Bahrain has introduced a number of tech-friendly laws and regulations, is one of the first in the region to introduce a commercial 5G network

Financial attractiveness

Bahrain features the region’s best-value operating costs, offering zero corporate taxes.

Liberal lifestyle

Bahrain boasts a well-integrated expat community and fosters a liberal, friendly, and open lifestyle.

Deep talent pool

Access a highly skilled bilingual workforce, unmatched in the region.

Unrestricted access

Bahrain offers global businesses unparalleled regional and global market access, including FTAs with 22 countries.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

Bahrain is a well-rounded destination for tech-focused businesses, combining digital infrastructure with a desirable lifestyle and cost-effective business operations – as well as strategic access to its neighbour Saudi Arabia, the region’s largest market

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