Business Friendly Bahrain

The gateway to the Middle East’s $3.7 trillion market

woman looking at Bahrain skyline

Why invest in Bahrain?

  1. Bahrain’s strategic relationship with the UK is rooted in history, with annual bilateral trade reaching billions of pounds
  2. Bahrain fosters a competitive business environment, advanced digital infrastructure, and an agile ecosystem
  3. Bahrain offers the region’s best value operating costs, with zero corporate taxes

Unrestricted access

UK investors capitalise on Bahrain’s duty-free trade with 22 countries worldwide, including the first ever US FTA with a Gulf country.

Strategic location

Bahrain’s strategic location allows easy access to the Gulf’s $1.5tn market.

Financial attractiveness

UK investors choose Bahrain for its competitive business environment, 100% foreign ownership, and low minimum capital requirements.

Liberal lifestyle

Bahrain boasts a well-integrated expat community and fosters a liberal, friendly and open lifestyle.

Deep talent pool

Access a highly skilled bilingual workforce, unmatched in the region.

Regulatory system

UK investors can bank on Bahrain’s proven regulatory system, developed over decades of trade to give certainty to businesses.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

Bahrain’s competitive business environment, robust digital infrastructure, and agile ecosystem, accompanied by its stable regulatory framework, makes the Kingdom a natural partner for UK companies.

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