Business Friendly Bahrain

The gateway to the Middle East’s $3.7 trillion market

woman looking at bahrain skyline

Why invest in Bahrain?

  1. The UAE enjoys deep and long-standing economic, political and cultural connections with Bahrain, both through well-established bi-lateral relations and via a common membership of the GCC
  2. With Bahrain’s growing real estate market, developing tourism proposition, advanced healthcare provision, well-established financial services community and advantages in the areas of manufacturing, transport and logistics, Bahrain is a natural regional partner for the UAE as it looks for investment opportunities
  3. GCC nationals can enjoy 100% ownership of real estate investments in all areas of Bahrain

Unrestricted access

UAE investors capitalise on Bahrain’s duty-free trade with 22 countries worldwide, including the first ever US FTA with a Gulf country.

Diversification efforts

Both countries are rapidly diversifying traditionally hydro-carbon dependent economies and embarking on long-term pro-innovation national plans

Financial attractiveness

UAE investors choose Bahrain for its competitive business environment, 100% foreign ownership, and low minimum capital requirements.

Liberal lifestyle

Bahrain boasts a well-integrated expat community and fosters a liberal, friendly and open lifestyle.

Deep talent pool

Access a highly skilled bilingual workforce, unmatched in the region.

Regulatory system

UAE investors can bank on Bahrain’s proven regulatory system, developed over decades of trade to give certainty to businesses.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

With low operating costs, great liveability, cultural inclusivity, excellent connectivity, advanced digital infrastructure and closer ties between highly investible technology ecosystems, there are clear investment synergies for companies in the UAE and Bahrain.

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