Business Friendly Bahrain

The gateway to the Middle East’s $3.7 trillion market

Why invest in Bahrain?

  1. Bahrain and Saudi’s bilateral economic relations and shared history make Bahrain an ideal investment destination
  2. Bahrain is regionally connected and is a 40-minute drive away from Saudi, through the King Fahd Causeway
  3. GCC nationals can enjoy 100% ownership of real estate investments in all areas of Bahrain

Unrestricted access

Saudi investors capitalise on Bahrain’s duty-free trade with 22 countries worldwide, including the first ever US FTA with a Gulf country.

Multi-sectoral opportunities

Bahrain presents Saudi investors with opportunities in the manufacturing, real estate, tourism, and healthcare sectors.

Financial attractiveness

Saudi investors choose Bahrain for its competitive business environment, 100% foreign ownership, and low minimum capital requirements.

Liberal lifestyle

Bahrain boasts a well-integrated expat community and fosters a liberal, friendly and open lifestyle.

Deep talent pool

Access a highly skilled bilingual workforce, unmatched in the region.

Regulatory system

Saudi investors can bank on Bahrain’s proven regulatory system, developed over decades of trade to give certainty to businesses.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia are more than just neighbours; they are also strong trade partners, sharing a common economic vision. KSA business-owners, with special interest in real estate and medical tourism sectors, set-up in Bahrain, given the country’s stable and diverse investment climate.

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