Business Friendly Bahrain

The gateway to the Middle East’s $3.7 trillion market

Bahrain skyline during the night time

Why invest in Bahrain?

  1. The bonds between Italy and Bahrain date back 50 years, with 172 Italian companies calling the country home
  2. Global manufacturers capitalise on Bahrain’s position as a main regional manufacturing and distribution hub centre
  3. Bahrain offers global businesses unparalleled regional and global market access, including FTAs with 22 countries

Unrestricted access

Italian manufacturers enjoy duty-free access to the GCC and MENA, and benefit from the US FTA and trade agreements with over 40 countries.

FMCG leader

Bahrain is fast emerging as an FMCG leader, with European leaders choosing it to reach MENA’s 400 million consumers with similar tastes.

Financial attractiveness

Bahrain features the region’s best-value operating costs, offering zero corporate taxes.

Liberal lifestyle

Bahrain boasts a well-integrated expat community and fosters a liberal, friendly, and open lifestyle.

Deep talent pool

Access a highly skilled bilingual workforce, unmatched in the region.

Manufacturing hub

Bahrain is up to 35% more cost-effective in manufacturing than its neighbours.

Unlock Investment Opportunities

Italian manufacturers are choosing to expand their market reach and are looking for strategic partners. Bahrain walks Italian investors closer towards regional and global markets, offering zero corporate taxes and the region’s best-value operating costs.

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