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Exclusive KPMG Cost of Doing Business Manufacturing report


Review of the typical costs associated with operating a manufacturing firm in the GCC.

Direct Cost Comparison

Analyzes setup, utility, operational costs and other business-critical comparisons.

Indirect Cost Comparison

An overview of the average cost of living in the GCC.

Download the report and discover what makes Bahrain the most strategically poised Manufacturing and Logistics hub in the GCC.

Building an Attractive Hub for Investment in Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

Ranked 2nd in MENA by DHL Global Connectedness Index 2018, Bahrain is known to be the most efficient and connected Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics base in the Gulf. The Kingdom’s strategic location at the heart of the GCC offers businesses quick and efficient access to every market in the Middle East by road, air and sea, making it an attractive hub for regional and global companies.

In order to enhance the transportation of goods and products across the region, and facilitate access to a growing US$ 1.5 trillion market, Bahrain has robust plans for transportation link expansions.

Amidst a liberal regulatory environment that permits 100% foreign ownership for most business activities anywhere in the country, not just in Free Zones, Bahrain is moving towards digital manufacturing with the advent of Industry 4.0, creating ‘smart factories’ which can respond to supply line changes in real time.

Mega Initiatives

To further strengthen the sector offering, Bahrain is undertaking several projects and initiatives. These include the new King Hamad Causeway, the GCC railway and Urban Transit (light rail) projects. Also planned are the expansion of cross-border lanes for passengers and cargo over the King Fahd Causeway, and the streamlining of customs processes and procedures.

Seamless Movement

To ensure a seamless flow within internal borders and to avoid duplication of procedures, Bahrain International Airport and the sea port have been approved as a “first point of entry” for the GCC, which will dramatically improve trade facilitation in the region.

Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP)

The landmark industrial park offers 100% foreign ownership, a 10-year guaranteed 0% tax rate and duty-free access to the GCC, GAFTA, and the USA.

Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ)

A dedicated customs-free, value added logistics park, BLZ is the Middle East’s first multi-modal logistics hub with a focus on re-export and value-added activities.

Industry 4.0

Bahrain is rapidly progressing towards digital manufacturing. Industry 4.0 allowing companies the insight to eliminate expensive breakdowns in production processes and improve the quality and efficiency of their products.