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Exclusive KPMG Cost of Doing Business report – ICT


Review of the typical costs associated with operating an ICT firm in the GCC.

Direct Cost Comparison

Analyzes setup, utility, operational costs and other business-critical comparisons.

Indirect Cost Comparison

An overview of the average cost of living in the GCC.

Download the report and discover what makes Bahrain the most strategically poised ICT hub in the GCC.

Bahrain’s booming ICT sector

Continuous development of the ICT sector is a strategic priority for Bahrain. The availability of highly qualified local talent, cost competitiveness, a compelling ownership structure and market access to the entire region has made Bahrain the perfect choice for global IT companies. Moreover, it is the perfect testing-ground for new products and local customisations before a regional roll-out.

Bahrain’s government has been introducing new regulations and updating existing laws to support the ICT sector. One important change was to open up more business sectors to 100% foreign ownership, creating opportunities for international companies to tap into Bahrain’s deep well of investment prospects. It is due to the robust structure of the sector that Bahrain ranked number one in MENA for ICT development by the 2018 InterNations report.

Amazon Web Services

The ICT sector’s strength has been recognised by Amazon Web Services (AWS) who launched the Middle East’s first data region in Bahrain. The arrival of AWS brings with it many benefits beyond the ICT sector, as its cloud-based ICT infrastructure will make it easier for companies across MENA to conduct business.

Cloud First Policy

As a first in the region, Bahrain introduced the Cloud First Policy which reinstates its commitment towards adopting the cloud throughout all government agencies, enabling ministries to deliver more services to users, with up to 30%-90% reduced IT costs and scalability.

ICT Infrastructure

Looking at the bigger picture, infrastructural growth is one of many signals that Bahrain’s ICT sector is in the ascendancy, another being the growing sophistication of local talent. More than 90% of the ICT workforce is bilingual, strengthening an organisation’s ability to communicate across international borders.

Regulation and Legislations

Bahrain continues to establish itself as a digital pioneer through its commitment to creating the right environment for ICT businesses to flourish. In addition to the Cloud First policy, Bahrain is determined to ensure data protection and privacy with the introduction of a new Data Protection Law. A more transparent regulatory framework for the digital and technology industry is a key part of its strategy to attracting technology companies and customers to Bahrain.