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Bahrain at a glance

An archipelago made up of 33 islands in the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain offers valuable opportunities for businesses and the best market access to growing Gulf economies and beyond.

Why Bahrain?

Pursue commercial opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, operate freely and enjoy a relaxed, liberal way of life that is rich and fulfilling in Bahrain.

Tourism, Real Estate, Healthcare and Education in Bahrain

Bahrain has an exciting range of opportunities in four of the best industries to invest in globally. When making a financial investment, understanding which industries are growing is vital, and tourism, real estate, education and healthcare are proving to be some of the fastest growing industries in 2019. Besides their industry growth rates, these sectors benefit from Bahrain’s exceptional beauty and centralised location in the GCC.

FinTech & Payments

As a proven base for future expansion, Bahrain allows FinTech and payment service providers to capitalise on their technology and develop regional operations using Bahrain’s advanced technological infrastructure, free economy and talented workforce.

Bahrain Demographics

Choosing to grow your business in Bahrain means having access to a deep and diverse talent pool, financial support through government funds, competitive employment costs and more.

Tourism in Bahrain

Every year, millions of tourists from across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and beyond experience the best Bahrain has to offer. So, what is Bahrain known for? Of all the places to visit, tourists choose the Kingdom for our superb island setting; our cosmopolitan, relaxed way of life; our rich history and culture; exciting major events; delicious food and varied shopping choices. All of these ingredients combine to create a thriving tourism and hospitality sector, which offers investors world-class infrastructure and a broad range of retail, leisure, food and hotel investment opportunities in Bahrain.

Information & communications technology (ICT)

Bahrain is a gateway to the GCC region offering great access to Saudi Arabia’s market. Global IT companies choose Bahrain as a hub due to the availability of talent, cost competitiveness, ownership structure and market access to the overall region. According to World Bank Doing Business 2017 report, Bahrain was ranked 2nd in MENA in the ease of doing business index.

About Us

The Economic Development Board of Bahrain is the first port of call for any business setting up in Bahrain, and our dedicated team has the deep expertise, knowledge and resources to get companies off the ground.

Investing in Healthcare in Bahrain

Bahrain puts you at the heart of the opportunity in regional healthcare. Prospects for investing in healthcare are substantial, whether you are in wellness and prevention, specialised medical care, mental health, research and development (R&D) or manufacturing. Bahrain’s healthcare sector has solid foundations, exciting growth opportunities, a centralised location and promising talent, making it the future of the healthcare industry in the Gulf.

Women in FinTech Bahrain

An initiative to raise awareness of women’s role in FinTech, cultivate new industry opportunities in Bahrain, and contribute to the development of an inclusive and supportive FinTech ecosystem.

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