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Why Bahrain is the ideal strategic hub for Healthtech

Bahrain, a fast-emerging regional data hub in the GCC, has catalysed its shift to digital during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare is one area where the fruits of this transformation are particularly evident, with an increase in tech-based solutions and investment in state-of-the-art facilities offering new opportunities for investors and medical professionals alike. One major … Continued

Education in the ‘New Normal’

The education sector in Bahrain has come a long way since it was first established over one hundred years ago. Villas converted into classrooms in the latter half of the 20th century have been replaced with state-of-the-art purpose-built sites and the abundance of higher and professional education study options available has boomed in the last … Continued

Emerging Trends in Real Estate to Prepare for Now

The real estate market is changing consistently and can be a big factor in investment decisions. Learn more about emerging trends in real estate to prepare for now. During global economic slowdowns, property presents a compelling investment proposition. However, businesses and retail investors who want to lock in capital values should consider the top emerging … Continued

How digital technology is powering a new era of smart manufacturing

Throughout the ongoing health crisis, digital solutions such as decentralised manufacturing, safer factories, remote monitoring and localised distribution have contributed to the continued global flow of consumer goods. But far from merely causing logistical disruption on the ground, COVID-19 has shaken up the whole manufacturing industry – and has become a catalyst for firms to … Continued

The Future of Education: Part Two

Last week, in the first of this two part series exploring the future of education in an increasingly digital, post-COVID-19 world, We explored key areas of education that are likely to be very different in the near future. This included how students will be assessed; how students and institutions will work together; where students will … Continued

The Future of Education: Part One

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been defined by near unprecedented disruption to the way people live their daily lives. This disruption has in turn catalysed a massive global uptake in technologies as people have sought to adapt to this new reality. Now, economies around the world are beginning to test the waters of loosening lockdown … Continued

Bahrain logistics: King Fahd Causeway demonstrates post-COVID digitalisation in action

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has placed a renewed focus on the role of logistics in global supply chains, with economies across the world exploring how best to keep imports and exports flowing at a time of unprecedented change. However, in rupturing the flow of global trade, the pandemic has served as a catalyst for the … Continued

Minimising economic disruption in a time of crisis: Cutting-edge tech and the King Fahd Causeway

A critical economic lifeline The King Fahd Causeway has played an important role in facilitating trade between Bahrain and the rest of the GCC countries, as well as ease of travel around the Gulf. Launched in 1986, the US$1.2bn project connects Bahrain with the region’s largest market, Saudi Arabia, allowing the transport of passengers and … Continued

How Bahrain powers the cloud to unlock digital transformation for global business

The cloud server is the cutting-edge technology backbone that connects everything from the internet-enabled apps on our phones to governments and big businesses. And while it might not be something that we can physically see, its very existence relies on mass computing power in locations around the world – locations like Bahrain. Amazon Web Services … Continued

AWS Summit Bahrain showcases gender progress and digital transformation

The Amazon Web Services Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect and learn about AWS solutions. This week’s AWS Summit in Bahrain was the perfect demonstration of the Kingdom’s commitment to strong public-private sector partnerships as well as their achievements in the tech industry.  As part of the Bahrain Tech Week event, thousands … Continued