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Will the Gulf be the next leader in FoodTech?

The food business is worth nearly $9 trillion, and while its criticality to the global economy is clear, its wider impact on the Gulf region is less well understood. Big food is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation, and as diets have evolved, fast food has been a major factor in the … Continued

Six startups shaping the future of Bahrain’s digital economy during COVID-19

With millions self-isolating around the world during the current global health crisis, it is startups that are leading the way when it comes to meeting the needs of users in the comfort (and quarantine) of their own homes. Whether for making deliveries of essential groceries, enabling continued access to government services or simply offering things … Continued

How Bahrain powers the cloud to unlock digital transformation for global business

The cloud server is the cutting-edge technology backbone that connects everything from the internet-enabled apps on our phones to governments and big businesses. And while it might not be something that we can physically see, its very existence relies on mass computing power in locations around the world – locations like Bahrain. Amazon Web Services … Continued

AWS Summit Bahrain showcases gender progress and digital transformation

The Amazon Web Services Summit brings together the cloud computing community to connect and learn about AWS solutions. This week’s AWS Summit in Bahrain was the perfect demonstration of the Kingdom’s commitment to strong public-private sector partnerships as well as their achievements in the tech industry.  As part of the Bahrain Tech Week event, thousands … Continued

Reaching out across borders to benefit startups

Cooperation and collaboration are critical success factors for entrepreneurial startups. In a world increasingly tied together by advances in communications technology, it is more and more common to find partners, collaborators, mentors and even entire ecosystems working across borders. So, how can we bring together ecosystems in a way that gives us a multiplier effect, … Continued

5 Upcoming Tech Companies in Bahrain to Watch Out For in 2019

Bahrain’s business-friendly environment has already helped attract and nurture many startup businesses, and new startups are establishing themselves all the time. The tech startup industry, in particular, is thriving, helping to grow the Middle East technology sector and generating more jobs every year. Tech businesses new to Bahrain don’t need to navigate the startup process … Continued

Lesser-Known Best Countries for Starting a Business

No matter where in the world you decide to do it, starting a business can be a difficult challenge. So many factors can contribute to a company’s success and failure, some of which are outside of your control. However, you can choose where you decide to start your business, and choosing the right country can … Continued

Innovating across a nation – a testbed for the future

With Bahrain soon to become one of the first countries in the world to offer commercial 5G services in June this year, we are at the forefront of innovation – not just in pockets or special zones, but spread across our entire country.

How FinTech can help break down barriers

How can challenging traditional business models and offering greater choice help break down barriers in FinTech? Our very own Dalal Buhejji, Senior Manager of Financial Services, shares her thoughts.

Property – the next frontier in digital disruption

With big property players waking up to the potential of technological disruption on their businesses, it has been smaller, more nimble competitors who have led the change. One such disruptor is Estater, makers of a PropTech app which celebrated its entry into Bahrain.