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Emerging Trends in Real Estate to Prepare for Now

The real estate market is changing consistently and can be a big factor in investment decisions. Learn more about emerging trends in real estate to prepare for now. During global economic slowdowns, property presents a compelling investment proposition. However, businesses and retail investors who want to lock in capital values should consider the top emerging … Continued

How digital technology is powering a new era of smart manufacturing

Throughout the ongoing health crisis, digital solutions such as decentralised manufacturing, safer factories, remote monitoring and localised distribution have contributed to the continued global flow of consumer goods. But far from merely causing logistical disruption on the ground, COVID-19 has shaken up the whole manufacturing industry – and has become a catalyst for firms to … Continued

The Future of Education: Part Two

Last week, in the first of this two part series exploring the future of education in an increasingly digital, post-COVID-19 world, We explored key areas of education that are likely to be very different in the near future. This included how students will be assessed; how students and institutions will work together; where students will … Continued

The Future of Education: Part One

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has been defined by near unprecedented disruption to the way people live their daily lives. This disruption has in turn catalysed a massive global uptake in technologies as people have sought to adapt to this new reality. Now, economies around the world are beginning to test the waters of loosening lockdown … Continued

Bahrain logistics: King Fahd Causeway demonstrates post-COVID digitalisation in action

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has placed a renewed focus on the role of logistics in global supply chains, with economies across the world exploring how best to keep imports and exports flowing at a time of unprecedented change. However, in rupturing the flow of global trade, the pandemic has served as a catalyst for the … Continued

Minimising economic disruption in a time of crisis: Cutting-edge tech and the King Fahd Causeway

A critical economic lifeline The King Fahd Causeway has played an important role in facilitating trade between Bahrain and the rest of the GCC countries, as well as ease of travel around the Gulf. Launched in 1986, the US$1.2bn project connects Bahrain with the region’s largest market, Saudi Arabia, allowing the transport of passengers and … Continued

Regional transformation will accelerate and consolidate in 2020

The year 2019 was a year marked by uncertainty, like 2017 and 2018 before it. While markets remained largely settled, many predicted a slide that has so far yet to manifest. These predictions were based on many things; trade disputes that cast a shadow over free trade, subtle shifts in geo-political alliances that were hard … Continued

The Power of the Network: fostering innovation

Last week a group of some 50 investors, entrepreneurs, VCs and academics convened in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All were Kauffman Fellows, a network that spans 46 countries around the globe, representing well over 500 venture firms and organisations. Over a series of engaging panel discussions, key figures from Bahrain’s thriving FinTech ecosystem shared their … Continued

How FinTech can help break down barriers

How can challenging traditional business models and offering greater choice help break down barriers in FinTech? Our very own Dalal Buhejji, Senior Manager of Financial Services, shares her thoughts.

Co-innovation: Bahrain’s proactive path to enhance FinTech’s foothold in the Gulf

As the most established financial centre in the Gulf region, Bahrain continues to play an active role in what the future of finance will look like throughout the GCC. For years we laid a foundation to ensure a welcoming environment for financial sector institutions to take root and expand from the Kingdom. And take root they did – to the tune of around 400 that now call Bahrain a major base of operation.