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How COVID-19 catalysed regional FinTech growth

An exception to the rule  Across the Middle East, governments have begun to gradually reopen their economies following months of lockdown. For a region with a prominent shopping mall culture, and where – despite ongoing digitalisation efforts – cash for the most part has remained king, social distancing and quarantine measures have posed serious economic challenges for industries … Continued

Coronavirus highlights the need for digital transformation in the financial services sector

Amid the global spread of COVID-19, whole ecosystems have been forced to evolve more in a matter of weeks than they have in years – perhaps none greater than the financial sector. The global economy has gone into a tailspin, with markets collapsing and indices such as the S&P500 incurring monthly declines measured in double … Continued

International Women’s Day 2020: Bahraini FinTech puts female empowerment in the spotlight

With one of the most diverse workforces in the region, Bahrain believes strongly in putting equality first – from the classroom to the boardroom. According to the most recent figures, some 60% of computer science students at the University of Bahrain were women, and also accounted for 33.2% of managerial positions in the financial sector. … Continued

The Power of the Network: fostering innovation

Last week a group of some 50 investors, entrepreneurs, VCs and academics convened in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All were Kauffman Fellows, a network that spans 46 countries around the globe, representing well over 500 venture firms and organisations. Over a series of engaging panel discussions, key figures from Bahrain’s thriving FinTech ecosystem shared their … Continued

Singapore FinTech Festival 2019: showcasing Bahrain opportunities

This year's Singapore FinTech Festival came at a time when the Gulf's long-established financial services industry is ripe with digital opportunity. Bahrain has played host to several key developments in the sector, from the licensing of the Middle East's first cryptocurrency trading platform Rain to the roll-out of revolutionary regulations that create a framework for … Continued

Bahrain FinTech Bay’s Educational Programmes

As the first and still largest FinTech hub in the Middle East, Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) plays a number of important roles. Perhaps the most crucial of all of these is in education. If Bahrain, indeed any nation, is to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world, it must be able to meet the growing … Continued

Rain takes crypto trading by storm

Rain’s cryptocurrency trading platform shows Bahrain’s thriving tech ecosystem in action Bahrain established itself as a leading banking centre many years ago, with a financial services sector that continues to exist on the cutting edge. Rain had been operating in the Regulatory Sandbox of the Central Bank of Bahrain, an ideal testbed for new FinTech ventures, … Continued

Launching the Open Banking Revolution in the Middle East via Fintastic Bahrain

The advent of Open Banking, mandated last year, and set to come into force in June this year, is the latest step in Bahrain’s leadership role in the FinTech sector.

How FinTech can help break down barriers

How can challenging traditional business models and offering greater choice help break down barriers in FinTech? Our very own Dalal Buhejji, Senior Manager of Financial Services, shares her thoughts.

Fintastic Bahrain Week Shows How FinTech Community Can Drive Change

Our second annual Fintastic Bahrain Week succeeded in showcasing Bahrain as a regional hub for FinTech. However, although the week’s short-term success is important, it’s the long-term success of the FinTech sector in the Middle East that is far more significant. Here are a few insights we can draw after an action-packed week.