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How COVID-19 catalysed regional FinTech growth

An exception to the rule  Across the Middle East, governments have begun to gradually reopen their economies following months of lockdown. For a region with a prominent shopping mall culture, and where – despite ongoing digitalisation efforts – cash for the most part has remained king, social distancing and quarantine measures have posed serious economic challenges for industries … Continued

How digital technology is powering a new era of smart manufacturing

Throughout the ongoing health crisis, digital solutions such as decentralised manufacturing, safer factories, remote monitoring and localised distribution have contributed to the continued global flow of consumer goods. But far from merely causing logistical disruption on the ground, COVID-19 has shaken up the whole manufacturing industry – and has become a catalyst for firms to … Continued

Coronavirus highlights the need for digital transformation in the financial services sector

Amid the global spread of COVID-19, whole ecosystems have been forced to evolve more in a matter of weeks than they have in years – perhaps none greater than the financial sector. The global economy has gone into a tailspin, with markets collapsing and indices such as the S&P500 incurring monthly declines measured in double … Continued

Six startups shaping the future of Bahrain’s digital economy during COVID-19

With millions self-isolating around the world during the current global health crisis, it is startups that are leading the way when it comes to meeting the needs of users in the comfort (and quarantine) of their own homes. Whether for making deliveries of essential groceries, enabling continued access to government services or simply offering things … Continued

Regional transformation will accelerate and consolidate in 2020

The year 2019 was a year marked by uncertainty, like 2017 and 2018 before it. While markets remained largely settled, many predicted a slide that has so far yet to manifest. These predictions were based on many things; trade disputes that cast a shadow over free trade, subtle shifts in geo-political alliances that were hard … Continued

The Power of the Network: fostering innovation

Last week a group of some 50 investors, entrepreneurs, VCs and academics convened in the Kingdom of Bahrain. All were Kauffman Fellows, a network that spans 46 countries around the globe, representing well over 500 venture firms and organisations. Over a series of engaging panel discussions, key figures from Bahrain’s thriving FinTech ecosystem shared their … Continued

Singapore FinTech Festival 2019: showcasing Bahrain opportunities

This year's Singapore FinTech Festival came at a time when the Gulf's long-established financial services industry is ripe with digital opportunity. Bahrain has played host to several key developments in the sector, from the licensing of the Middle East's first cryptocurrency trading platform Rain to the roll-out of revolutionary regulations that create a framework for … Continued

World Bank Doing Business 2020: Everything you need to know about Bahrain’s world economy rankings

At a time when major reforms are happening across the Middle East, Bahrain has been placed among the top 10 most-improved economies in the world in the World Bank’s Doing Business 2020 report. Here's everything you need to know about the Kingdom's improved ranking. What is the Doing Business 2020 report? Launched in 2002 by … Continued

Bahrain FinTech Bay’s Educational Programmes

As the first and still largest FinTech hub in the Middle East, Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) plays a number of important roles. Perhaps the most crucial of all of these is in education. If Bahrain, indeed any nation, is to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world, it must be able to meet the growing … Continued

How Bahrain powers the cloud to unlock digital transformation for global business

The cloud server is the cutting-edge technology backbone that connects everything from the internet-enabled apps on our phones to governments and big businesses. And while it might not be something that we can physically see, its very existence relies on mass computing power in locations around the world – locations like Bahrain. Amazon Web Services … Continued