Competitiveness stays strong

January 25, 2017

Reports and indices from leading global bodies reaffirm Bahrain’s compelling business and lifestyle environment, while noting the excellent conditions it provides for business and investment.

The World Bank1 has recognised that a recent reduction in minimum capital requirements and better access to credit information are simplifying business set-up and operations in Bahrain, while identifying registering property, dealing with construction permits and paying taxes as particular strengths.
At the same time, customs automation, streamlined procedures and infrastructure improvements at the King Fahd Causeway now make exporting significantly easier for manufacturers and logistics companies.
These regulatory and infrastructural improvements have placed Bahrain amongst the top 10 improvers in the World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2017 – moving up three places overall to now rank 63rd globally and 2nd in MENA.
Bahrain’s attractive business environment is aided by an advanced ICT infrastructure that opens up market opportunities for tech-based companies and empowers business operations. Bahrain’s telecommunications infrastructure was recognised by the United Nations2 as being the best in MENA, while boasting the globe’s highest rate of mobile network coverage according to the World Economic Forum3. Further ICT development – and advantages – are expected as ITU4 places Bahrain 1st in MENA for the fifth consecutive year in its ICT Development Index.

And the Kingdom continues to be a great place for expatriate staff to live and settle. Bahrain is MENA’s favourite destination for both InterNations5 and HSBC6, with the latter placing it in the world’s top ten overall.

Global Standing 2016.jpg

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2 United Nations E-Government Survey 2016, 193 countries
3 World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report 2016, 139 countries
4 ITU ICT Development Index 2016, 175 countries
5 InterNations Expat Insider 2016 Survey, 60 countries
6 HSBC Expat Explorer Survey 2016, 45 countries
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