In Bahrain, we know that gaming is a serious business. That’s why we’ve built an ecosystem locked and loaded with everything ambitious companies could need to level up and take full advantage of MENA’s US$ 4bn gaming market. Just ask AWS and Epic Games.
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Mohammed H, Twitter

Amazon Web Services (AWS) chose Bahrain as the home of their new hyperscale Cloud Region, their first in MENA. While the benefits to business are already turning heads, fans of Fortnite across the GCC are far more excited about having better ping times than ever before.

Home of Opportunity

Gaming in the Middle East is on another level. The world’s fastest growing gaming market by population, gamers across MENA and the GCC play more and spend more than almost anywhere else.

gamers within the
MENA region
average annual
revenue per user
$4 bn
estimated MENA
gaming market
value by 2022

Make Your Mark

MENA is home to more than 400 million Arabic speakers, but only a tiny percentage of online content is built with them in mind - a superb opportunity for developers making Arab-first games.

MENA region gaming
population growth rate
Online content available
in Arabic
(Internet World Stats 2019)
Latin America
Asia Pacific
North America
Western Europe


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Home of Epic Events

Stellar international events like the IGN Convention, Dreamland and, most recently, the Blast Pro Series Global Final have helped establish Bahrain as one of the hottest destinations on the region’s E-Sports calendar. With thousands of gamers descending on Manama every year, the opportunity on show is as fierce as the competition.

Home of Connectivity

It’s all about bandwidth. Our array of terrestrial and submarine fibre optic cables, global POPs and data centres connect Bahrain to more than 50 countries, giving business the edge in areas like e-services and giving you the bandwidth to grow your gaming empire.
Wireless icon
1st Globally
in mobile coverage
(ITU Global ICT Development Index)
Antenna icon
1st in MENA
for telecoms market
(Buddcomm Telecomms 2018)
Connection icon
1st in MENA
for ICT development
(ITU Global ICT Development Index)
Mobile icon
network rolled out
in 2020
Home of Smart Regulations

The gaming industry moves fast. Fortunately, so do we. Bahrain’s flexible regulatory system is constantly evolving to meet the needs of our thriving tech ecosystem, with Data Protection and Data Jurisdiction Laws just two of the latest advances keeping Bahrain business-friendly.

Cloud technology is opening up unprecedented opportunities for innovation, scalability and cost savings globally. Bahrain’s Cloud First Policy, a first in the GCC, makes us an ideal testbed for companies to launch innovative products across the region.

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“We go into regions for the long
term, and we chose Bahrain
because of the process in place for
creating the right environment.”
Teresa Carlson, Vice President
World Public Sector, Amazon Web Services

More reasons to
Get in The Game

Pursue commercial opportunities, gain a competitive advantage, operate
freely and enjoy a relaxed, liberal way of life that is rich and fulfilling in
Bahrain, the Gulf's gaming gateway.
lower cost of doing business
Graphic icon Serious Value
Compared to our neighbours, Bahrain offers better value across both operating and living costs.
in MENA in Education & Skills
People icon Serious Talent
Bahrainis join the workforce with both an exceptional array of skills and extremely high levels of motivation, achieving The World Bank’s highest scores in MENA for human capital development.
financing on cloud credits for SMEs
Credit icon Serious Support
Financial packages from government agency Tamkeen make local employment in Bahrain even more cost-effective.

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