Why regional collaboration is key in building the future generation of Gulf businesses

Gateway Gulf

At a time when global commercial, geopolitical and demographic dynamics are radically shifting, the Gulf finds itself in a promising period of business acceleration. Sectors such as tourism, technology, logistics, renewable energy and financial services are experiencing unprecedented growth, while new opportunities are emerging driven by disruptive industries such as FinTech and blockchain.
And now, as the GCC reaches a technological inflection point, collaborative policies throughout the Gulf can foster a true transnational environment for the next generation to step up and thrive in these sectors.

Indeed, research by Magnitt suggests a 66 percent increase in total funding for new businesses across the MENA region, with 238 deals in the first half of 2019 amounting to $471 million in total investment. Now, the Gulf is forecasted to sign more megadeals with global tech giants acquiring innovative, homegrown start-ups.
Forget Silicon Valley – Amazon is basing its new data region right here in Bahrain. Looking for a vast international talent pool? The UAE has hundreds of nationalities, counting some of the most exceptional business and technical minds among its millions-strong population. And there is no need to head to New York for huge market access – try Riyadh in Saudi Arabia, which is one of the biggest economies in the region.

Building on that theme, Bahrain will next month host the second biennial Gateway Gulf Investor Forum, which is quickly establishing itself as one of the region’s most influential investment-focused events. The exclusive, invitation-only initiative was established in 2018 to serve as one-stop-shop to discuss Gulf-wide investment opportunities. The theme of this year’s event is regional transformation, which will highlight the potential for collaboration with Gulf governments and business leaders.

From sharing global trends such as the hyper-adoption of digital technology to understanding unique characteristics of the region, Gateway Gulf will bring unparalleled connectivity for the future.

The Gulf stands ready to lead with a collaborative mindset and policy innovations that will allow nations to reap the full rewards of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Gateway Gulf Investor Forum is in Bahrain, bringing together a host of global leaders and senior politicians for a series of deep-dive discussions focusing on regional transformation. To find out more and register your interest, go to gatewaygulf.com.

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