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As the first and still largest FinTech hub in the Middle East, Bahrain FinTech Bay (BFB) plays a number of important roles. Perhaps the most crucial of all of these is in education. If Bahrain, indeed any nation, is to remain competitive in an increasingly digital world, it must be able to meet the growing need for educational resources and practical skills to bridge the gap between technical and entrepreneurial skills. Amazon Web Services have predicted that in the coming years the cloud industry in the Middle East will need 10,000 data scientists, for example. And so this quarter we are delighted to showcase some of Bahrain FinTech Bay’s crucial educational programmes made possible by partnerships with world-class universities around the globe.

The Georgetown FinTech Programme

Launched in February by BFB and Labour Fund Tamkeen in partnership with Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business – ranked among the best in the world for entrepreneurship by Bloomberg – the Georgetown FinTech Programme offers the opportunity to become a leader in digital transformation.

The 12 week online and interactive educational programme focused on the training and development of Bahrainis is the first training course of its kind in the Middle East. It enables participants to comprehend the scope of FinTech and how disruptive technologies can be used to pave the way for new opportunities. The future skill requirements of Bahrain’s financial services industry, as well as that of FinTech startups, are all addressed, including information on open banking, blockchain, crypto assets, RegTech, InsurTech, payments artificial intelligence and more.

Georgetown University

The University of California Berkeley Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in Finance Programme

Only announced in September, the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence & Robotics in Finance programme will be launched in the near future. It aims to establish a GCC-wide training and certification programme in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics in finance. The programme is made possible through an exciting partnership between BFB and the University of California Berkeley – recognised as a global leader in research around AI, machine learning, and big data, particularly in areas related to finance, financial analytics, and FinTech. 

The educational programme is  designed to promote innovation, build greater workforce capacity and support the adoption of advanced machine learning technology within financial organisations throughout Bahrain and the wider GCC region.

UC Berkeley

BetaBlocks Academy

FinTech Consortium and BFB announced in August an exciting new partnership with BetaBlocks, a Florida-based blockchain innovation and learning platform. Through this partnership, BFB will introduce on-demand high-quality training courses focused on themes in digital transformation, including Blockchain for Business, AI, Internet of Things, cloud infrastructure, and cybersecurity.

The programme is designed to offer the most benefit to business professionals who want to understand the basics of how transformative technologies work, the benefits they offer, and how they can be applied. The on-demand nature of the programme allows learning to take place at any time, any place to suit the needs of the students. Each of the courses is thorough, but not overly technical, and delivered through a series of videos and other interactive activities

The future of business is reliant on a skilled workforce. Through these educational programmes and partnerships, Bahrain FinTech Bay provides the resources needed for Bahrainis to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

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