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Information Communications & Technology

Bahrain offers an ideal location for technology companies to access the fast-growing Middle East and GCC markets. It's location in the centre of the region, with a direct road link to Saudi Arabia, the region's largest market, offers companies a base in a liberal, supportive business environment.
Bahrain offers technology companies the following advantages:
  • Easy access to the high-growth Gulf (GCC) and Middle East market
  • Excellent infrastructure (Air, Road and Telecoms)
  • A deregulated telecoms market, the first in the region to liberalise its sector, with fibre optic cable links to the rest of the Gulf and fast internet download speeds
  • Competitive cost environment (Business Operations & Living)
  • Highly competitive taxation system
  • Robust intellectual property laws to protect IP and its creation
  • Free Trade Agreements throughout the GCC, and with the US, Singapore, and Northern Europe, which facilitates technology exchange
  • A number of leading MNC's base their regional headquarters in Bahrain.
Technology companies already in Bahrain include:
Batelco, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Huawei, Kalaam Telecom, Lightspeed, Menatelecom, Microsoft, 2Connect, Viva (Saudi Telecom), Software AG, Tech Mahindra, TATA Consultancy Services, WIPRO and Zain.