The GCC countries form one of the world’s largest food importing groups. With most of its food needs met through imports, the GCC region has ample opportunities for global producers and local distributors. Saudi Arabia continues to be the largest food and beverages market in the region.
Bahrain will always be a net food importer. Approximately only 20% of Bahrain’s Food and Beverages are manufactured in Bahrain while the remaining 80% are imported and distributed.
In the past decade, there has been a surge in the manufacturing sector, where a number of major food companies are looking to set up their manufacturing facility in Bahrain mainly due to the accessibility to KSA which is the single largest consumer in the region. 
Key facts:
• Annual imports of the GCC are over USD 12 billion
• Over 90% of food requirement in the GCC are imported
• Saudi Arabia accounts for 63% of the region’s overall imports and is only a 40 minutes causeway drive away from Bahrain
• Total GCC food production is only 11.2 million metric tons serving a population of 40 million, food security is a growing concern across the GCC
• In 2006, Mondele3 (also known as Kraft Foods) established a state-of-the-art factory that produces 60,000 metric tons of Kraft cheese and Tang products annually for the GCC region where more than 60% of this goes to Saudi Arabia
• Mondele3 is currently building a large biscuit plant which will cost $90 million to develop and is expected to be ready by early 2017.
Food manufacturing companies in Bahrain, include:
Bahrain Flour Mills, ​Arabian sugar Factory, ​Mondele3 (Kraft Foods), ​Awal Dairy, ​Ahmadi Industries and Coca Cola.